White Nationalism

DHS Just Finally Recognized White Nationalism as a Major Terror Threat

Its the first time the department has placed major emphasis on countering the threat of white nationalism coming from inside the U.S.
Tess Owen
2 days ago

Twitch Sues to Identify Users Who Uploaded Christchurch Video and Porn to Its Platform

Users posted the violating material to the section of Twitch for Valve-developed game 'Artifact' over Memorial Day weekend.
Joseph Cox

Twitch Flooded with Streams of 'Game of Thrones', Porn, and the Christchurch Attack Video

After no one watched streams for Valve-created game Artifact, some users started their own meme streams. Then other content seeped in.
Joseph Cox

How Right-Wing Extremism Has Changed the Lives of Canadian Muslim Women

From mosque shootings to Quebec’s anti-religious symbols bill, more Muslim women are living in fear.
Urooba Jamal

Justin Trudeau Announces Plans to Fine Social Media Companies for Fake News

The prime minister said that if social media platforms don't address disinformation there “will be meaningful financial consequences.”
Mack Lamoureux

Christchurch is still reeling from New Zealand’s worst mass shooting

“There’s something about Christchurch now. There’s this weird cloud over it.”
James Borrowdale
Canadian Far Right Extremism

Christchurch Shooting Suspect Donated to a Far-Right Group Active in Canada

The alleged gunman donated $2,000 to Generation Identity in 2018—a far-right group that has a chapter in Canada under the name ID Canada.
Mack Lamoureux

Jordan Peterson’s ‘12 Rules’ Book Pulled From New Zealand Shelves Following the Christchurch Mosque Shootings

An email sent out by a national bookstore in New Zealand said the decision to pull the book came “in light of some extremely disturbing material."
Mack Lamoureux

Dave Merheje On His New Hulu Show ‘Ramy’ and Arab Representation on TV

We spoke to the Juno-winning comedian about Arab-Americans finally seeing a relatable funny coming-of-age show.
Samar Warsi

Things I've Learned About Homegrown Terrorism by Following the Alt-Right

In 2015 I started reporting from Reclaim Australia rallies. That movement has now reached a tragic culmination in New Zealand.
Royce Kurmelovs
Christchurch shooting

New Zealand Bans Military Style Semi-Automatics and Assault Rifles Less Than a Week After Attacks

“On 15 March our history changed forever. Now, our laws will too.”
Wendy Syfret
Views My Own

Let People of Colour Be Angry

Following the Christchurch mosque shooting, I was filled with anger over what had happened—the latest attack by white supremacism. But society doesn’t want people like me to express that rage.
Noel Ransome