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Detroit DJs Met with the Mayor About Expanding the City's Nightlife Economy

Members of its electronic music scene met with Mark Duggan about what he could do the help the local scene.
Alexander Iadarola
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Let Waajeed Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Detroit House

We caught up with the legend to learn about some records that tell the tale of Motor City machine music.
David Garber

We Asked Ravers at Movement If Techno Can Take Down Trump

In 2017, the underground is still here to resist.
David Garber
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Jacques Greene's Comeback Single Is a Euphoric Techno Anthem "You Can't Deny"

The Canadian producer returns with his first new music in two years via LuckyMe.
Max Mertens

Omar S' Sister Directed a Play About the Secret History of Detroit Techno

Robbie Taylor grew up with techno greats when they were teens and it was still called "progressive music."
Michelle Lhooq
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Vancouver's Elka Made a Subtle and Sensitive Hardware House Album for 1080p

Stream Elan Benaroch's full-length cassette release 'Chants' before it drops May 27.
Benjamin Boles

Trus'me's New LP is an Analog Techno Concept Album Inspired by Martian Life Conspiracies

'Planet 4' marks peak time in zero gravity over at the Prime Numbers label.
Jemayel Khawaja
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Robert Hood Is About To Release the Second EP from His Series for Dekmantel

'Paradygm Shift Vol. 2' continues the maximal / minimal techno dichotomy that Hood has explored with the series.
Michael Scott Barron
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Jeff Mills Announces New Vinyl-Focussed Imprint Axis Audiophile Series

Techno pioneer shares details of upcoming live album and ninth installment in his sci-fi 'Sleeper Walks' series.
Benjamin Boles
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How God Inspired Robert Hood's Floorplan Classic "We Magnify His Name"

We spoke to the legendary Robert Hood about God, techno, and his incendiary Floorplan project.
Josh Baines
Detroit Techno

Read The Detroit Techno Chapter Of Laurent Garnier's Legendary 2003 Book, 'Electrochoc'

The techno icon time-travels back to 90s Detroit to meet his heroes, Jeff Mills and Mike Banks of Underground Resistance.
Joshua Glazer
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Rodriguez Jr.'s First Club: Fat Bass Drums and Chicago House From DJ Deep

"Back then it was real deep house, with roots and bollocks, not this elevator music they call deep house nowadays."
Rodriguez Jr.