The Church Where It’s Legal to Use Ayahuasca

Owen James, founder of Ceu de Toronto, is expecting new members to flock to the church after it received an exemption from Health Canada to use the hallucinogenic drug.

Hilary Beaumont

Heroin Overdose Parties Are a Dehumanizing Myth

“Narcan parties” are just another part of the narrative that vilifies people who use the drugs our nation has chosen to criminalize.

Elizabeth Brico

Man Left Homeless After Getting Kicked Out of Apartment for Smoking Medical Weed

A 57-year-old Nova Scotia man who uses a wheelchair spent a rainy night outside of his building, with a garbage bag over his head.

Sarah Krichel

The Fascinating History of Mescaline, the OG Psychedelic

We spoke to writer Mike Jay about the drug's journey from prehistoric caves, through Aztecs, Mormons, Beat poets, John-Paul Sartre and a British MP.

Max Daly

Everyone Is Really Confused About What Decriminalizing Shrooms Actually Means

"We left it initially vague on purpose," the campaign manager behind Denver's historic vote told us.

Alex Norcia

Only One Major Ontario City Refuses to Let Police Carry Life-Saving Naloxone

Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick refuses to let his officers carry the drug, despite the pleas of the local police association.

Nick Dunne

Canada Grants More Religions Ability to Import Ayahuasca

A total of five religious groups now are allowed to use the hallucinogenic in their ceremonies.

Sarah Krichel

Drug Dealers Tell Us How to Spot a Sucker

We asked a few drug dealers how they decide which customers they're going to scam.

Sarah Perrin

The Many Men Who Shaped My Life

Growing up, addicts and abusers were fixtures in my home. But then there was my father.

Marc Aucoin

UK Arrests for Growing Weed Have Fallen By More Than Half

FOI data obtained by VICE demonstrates how more police forces have effectively decriminalised the production of cannabis.

Mattha Busby

Fentanyl Speedballs Are the Latest Disturbing Trend in America's Opioid Crisis

Deliberately mixing the powerful and deadly drug with stimulants like coke and meth is one (dangerous) way users are adjusting to a new market.

Maia Szalavitz

How Australia's Ban on Nicotine Vape Spawned a Thriving Black Market

Vape juice that contains nicotine is supposedly illegal. But thanks to loopholes in legislation it's everywhere.

Sam Nichols