A Japanese University Professor Allegedly Taught Students How to Make Ecstasy

The 61-year-old could face 10 years in prison for showing students how to manufacture MDMA.

Gavin Butler

The Case for Making Safe Drug Supply an Election Issue

On a National Day of Action, harm reduction advocates tell us what’s needed to put the overdose crisis on federal leaders’ agendas.

Ben Mussett

These are the Countries Most Likely to Legalize Weed Next

Mexico? Likely. India? Not so much.

David Hillier

Laughing Gas to Be Used as Antidepressant in Australian Medical Trial

Participants will sit in a chair and inhale nitrous oxide for an hour at a time while they "relax and listen to nice music." Enrolments are now open.

Gavin Butler

Hemp Is Good, but Probably Won't Save America's Struggling Farmers

Experts worry that hemp advocates have overhyped its potential as a cash crop.

Austyn Gaffney

The World’s Biggest Dark Net Market Has Shut – What Next?

Dream Market is due to close on the 30th of April, under mysterious circumstances. Is the game up for the big online drug bazaars?

Mike Power

The Truth About Drug Dealers Lacing Cocaine with Fentanyl

Authorities have spoken out about the threat of fentanyl in recreational drugs, but there's reason to believe their claims are overblown.

Max Daly

What We Learned at the Opening of Toronto’s First Legal Weed Store

There was a Christian protester, a poorly thought out shirt slogan, and the owner doesn't smoke weed.

Manisha Krishnan

Fish Could Be Getting High and Horny off our Wastewater Drugs

Scientists are worried that all those drugs pumped through our sewers might be having a strange effect on the fish.

Gavin Butler

Inside Canada’s First Weed Curling Tournament

Do weed and curling mix? Manisha Krishnan sets off to Wiarton, Ontario to find out. She meets local cannabis enthusiast Ted Ratcliffe who created “Bongspiel,” the first fully legal weed curling tournament in Canada.

VICE Staff

English Soccer's 'Coked-Up Lad Army' Are Fitting Emblems of Our Coked-Up Tribal Nation

No one will admit it, but the Premier League and cocaine go brilliantly with each other.

Hydall Codeen

Making Peace with the Heroin Addict I Used to Be

Getting off heroin is one thing, facing the consequences and damage of the years you spent on drugs is another.

Hannah Brooks