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TikTok, the App Without Time, Is Testing a Timestamp Feature

TikTok, the explosively popular video app, is testing a time stamp feature in the “Following” tab of select users.


Why Would You Ever Want to Live in 2019?

You may remember Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman as the couple who went viral for living as if they were in Victorian times. Four years later, looking at their life—and the reaction to it—outlines our society's most pressing cultural battles.


This Late-Night Glove Salesman Masturbating Story Is Very Weird But Also True

For years there has been an urban legend in Halifax about "Glove Guy," who would pick up drunk young men and ask them to try on his gloves.


Some Emo Parenting Advice From American Football

The godfathers of modern emo talked to us about balancing touring, parenting, and dealing with the pressure of being a cult band.


Mr. Skin Fossilized. Howard Stern Modernized

The purveyor of Hollywood's finest nude bodies and the former shock jock have both released books reflecting on their influence on the past two decades of American culture, revealing varying degrees of development.


The Superheroines Are Finally Here to Save Us

It took generations before Captain Marvel got her own feature film. But in today's comics and YA books, superheroes who are women have been roaming free.


AirPods Are a Tragedy

Apple claims that AirPods are building a “wireless future.” Lay people think they're a symbol of disposable wealth. The truth is bleaker.


The Unsolved Murder of Jill Dando, Britain's 90s TV Sweetheart

Twenty years on, new leads still stall. We speak to a former detective and psychology professor about why this case is so hard to crack.


When an Influential Pastor Becomes an #Influencer

A new Instagram account tracking the luxury clothes favored by celebrity pastors begs the question: What (and for whom) are they actually selling?


How Ellen Degeneres Became the Kardashian Family’s Go-to Press Stop

On the eve of the 16th season of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians,' a look at one of the family’s preferred platforms for propaganda.


The Cash-Strapped Museum Embraced by Cops and Corporations

Just a few months after opening, the shakey existence of the National Museum of Law Enforcement suggests that the one-topic museum may exist in a country disinterested in its message.


We Watched Horror Movies in the Locations They're Set and AGHHHHHH

Watching 'The Blair Witch Project' in the actual woods at night is not a good idea.