Police ‘Aware’ of Video Showing Warriors Fan Allegedly Being Attacked in Toronto

Raptors fans were also called “classless” for cheering on Kevin Durant’s horrific Achilles injury.
Manisha Krishnan

Medical Cart Runs Over Foot of Already-Injured Player

The medical cart came over to help U-20 Trindade AC player Bernardo with one injury and ended up giving him another one entirely.
Liam Daniel Pierce

People Told Us About Their Worst Halloweens

Haunting tales of puke, vomit, and barf guaranteed to scare you off the holiday for good.
Justin Caffier
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Del the Funky Homosapien Fractured 7 Ribs and Punctured a Lung in Stage Fall

Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn explained the extent of Del's injuries to Beats 1's Matt Wilkinson yesterday.
Alex Robert Ross
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Hawaii's Destructive Volcano Just Shattered a Man's Leg with Spattering Lava

Residents are being airlifted from their homes as the eruption grows even more catastrophic.
Drew Schwartz

An ER Doc Explains How Not To End Up on Life Support

While young people are the least likely to think end of life wishes, it’s often young people who experience catastrophic injuries.
Dr. Blair Bigham
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Everything We Know About the Horrific Car Crash in Times Square

Police say the incident is not connected to terrorism.
Drew Schwartz
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Turkish League Player Lands on Arm, Breaks It in the Worst of Ways

His team​ went on to lose 2-3, which is no fun. But not as no-fun as that injury. Lordy me.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Fight Doctor – Don't Blame AKA, Cormier Was a Set up for Another Injury

Is sparring too hard the culprit of yet another injury from the hardnosed camp, or was it simply the inevitable result of a bum knee?
Darragh O'Carroll MD

UFC 205 Loses Evans vs. Kennedy Bout, Both Fighters to Receive Show Money

Just days out from fight night, the injury bug has taken a significant bite out of the UFC 205 lineup.
Tom Taylor
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A Times Square Cookie Monster Was Stabbed Trying to Break Up a Halloween Brawl

The Sesame Street vigilante was injured after trying to break up a fight between a man dressed as an aviator who was apparently offended by another man's Native American costume over Halloween weekend.
Allison Schaller

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Police are searching for a suspect they believe is responsible for bombs found in New Jersey and New York, the FBI probes Minnesota stabbings as a potential terrorist attack, Clinton loses support among millennials, and more.
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