Lindsay Shepherd


Free Speech 'Activist' Lindsay Shepherd Was Banned From Twitter

Oh no, one less person screaming on the internet. How will we manage?


Canadian Conservatives Are Having a Bad Time at the Online Hate Hearings

The hearings which last time saw an MP read from the Christchurch shooters manifesto again went poorly for the Conservatives.


Free Speech Hero Jordan Peterson Launches Another Defamation Lawsuit

In new court documents, Peterson indicates that he hopes the result of suing people for insulting him will be more free speech on campus.


Lindsay Shepherd Is Suing Laurier for $3.6 Million Over Jordan Peterson Video Controversy

Apparently the teaching assistant is “unemployable in academia” following her battle with the school.


Wilfrid Laurier Exonerates Lindsay Shepherd, We Can All Move On Now

It seems the university didn’t need to create an anti-SJW hero out of nowhere, after all.