Satan Deserves Better Than Slayer

Thoughts on the International Day of Slayer, plus a bunch of killer bands like Tomb Mold and Necros Christos that you should listen to instead.


When Metal Festivals Get Political, It Feels Like Utopia

This year's edition of beloved Dutch metal fest Roadburn was about something bigger than music, which only added to its magic.


Glenn Branca, Avant-Garde Pioneer, Dies at 69

The influential and innovative composer died of throat cancer last night, according to his wife and collaborator Reg Bloor.


Holy Cow, Holy Fuck's Side Project Dusted Rules

Listen to the premiere of "Dead Eyes" from Brian Borcherdt's solo project, which returns with a new album April 6.


Unsane Are Still As Nasty As They Wanna Be

Listen to the noise rock veterans' new album 'Sterilize' as they reminisce about the good old, bad old days of grimy, bloody 90s New York City.


Listen to Burial's Surprise New Single, "Rodent"

By Burial's standards, it's almost upbeat.


Liars Didn't Want Us to Use the Word "Vaporwave" in This Headline

Dear Angus: Sorry for the headline, but we think the eighth Liars record 'TFCF' is fuckin' great, so we hope you'll forgive us.


Holy Fuck's 'Bird Brains' Video Is Like a Gross, Bizarro 'Hot in Herre'

Watch the premiere of the first video from the group's forthcoming live EP.


Pan Daijing's New Track Pairs the Horrific with the Sublime

Hear "Act of The Empress 皇后之作" from the Chinese producer's forthcoming debut album on PAN.


Lingua Ignota's Liturgical Noise Is a Celebration of Obliteration

Stream the new EP from the Providence-based artist who explores trauma and survival through neoclassical, death industrial, and extreme metal.


The mysterious sound only Canadians can hear

It’s a low rumbling that rattles window panes and keeps locals up at night.


Doldrums Let Their Freak Flag Fly on 'Tweakers V' Mix

Ahead of a new album, frontman Airick Woodhead shares 50 minutes of Montreal-centric industrial noise, techno, and more.