Europe: The Final Countdown

How Brexit Is Already Screwing Over Young People

The UK hasn't even left the EU yet, but the fallout from the vote is already robbing millennials of their prospects.
Salma Haidrani and Yasmin Jeffery
Holy Shit

Don't Be Alarmed, but Smash Mouth Are Back... with an EDM Song

2016, amiright guys?
Emma Garland
Longreads Or Whatever

Beyond LinkinBall Z: The History of the Anime Music Video

They tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, what do AMVs really matter?
Phil Witmer

I Entered Over 1,000 Competitions in a Month and This Is What I Won

I was trying to emulate the success of a "professional comper" who says she makes thousands a year from entering competitions.
Sam Tahmassebi

Record Store Day Is Lame

When did selling music become all about making money?
Some Fucking Dork
New music

Macklemore's New Music Video is Crazy and Dumb so We Liveblogged It

Within the depths of “Can’t Hold Us” lies a very important truth: Macklemore isn’t “problematic” as many cultural hand-wringers like to paint him, he’s just stupid.
Drew Millard
Kill the Engine

I Finally Watched 'Hardflip'

I will watch any movie that has something to do with skateboarding. They're all terrible, but the 80s kid in me still thinks there's something cool about watching a flick that has dudes thrashin' in it. That being said, this Sunday I sat down to watch...
Michael Sieben
Good Morning, Sinners... with Warren Ellis

Jimmy Savile and the Price of Silence

Maybe he'd have been caught sooner if anyone was prepared to pay it.
Warren Ellis