From ‘Naruto’ to ‘Iron Man’, YouTuber King Vader Is Making Them Do the Milly Rock

We spoke to Dominique Barrett aka King Vader about why be believes he’ll be the greatest director of his generation.
Noel Ransome
a day ago

How YouTube's Ban on Dangerous Stunts Will Affect Creators

The platform is cracking down on pranksters who'll do anything for views.
Kara Weisenstein
3 days ago

The Real Reasons Kids Want to Become YouTubers

With the huge success of a new vlogging video game, 'Youtubers Life OMG!', we spoke to children and their parents about seemingly every kid's dream career.
Amelia Tait
5 days ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Damn, It Looks Like Part of That Glitter Bomb Video Was Fake

But don't blame the guy who made it.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This YouTuber Owned Package Thieves with a Genius Glitter Bomb Fart Trap

He spent about six months designing a bait package that, when opened, douses thieves in super-fine glitter and fart spray—and records the whole thing.
River Donaghey
Important Anniversaries

'Jizz In My Pants' Marked a Turning Point in Internet History

It is the 10th anniversary of The Lonely Island's very important anthem about cum.
Kieron Passaway
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Video of Trump Singing 'Thank U, Next' Is Truly Cursed

Brace yourselves.
Kara Weisenstein

This Video of a Guy Accidentally Hang Gliding Without a Harness Is Pure Terror

Beckett Mufson

The Problematic Relationships Between Some YouTubers and Their Fans

When fan-performer relationships routinely become inappropriate, how do we dredge through the filth to find a solution?
Hannah Ewens
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Lilly Singh Is Taking a Break from YouTube, Citing Mental Health

The Canadian YouTube personality says she’s burned out.
Noel Ransome
talk shows

The Smiths Reinvented Celebrity Social Media with a Purpose

Will's YouTube channel and Jada's Facebook show 'Red Table Talk' are refreshing departures from the online celebrity machine.
Taylor Hosking

The YouTuber Who Created a Worldwide Community Through His Cancer

All through this year, Dan Thomas vlogged the emotional and physical tribulations his sarcomatoid carcinoma put him through.
James Nolan