We sleep on the mysteries surrounding the fine art of snoozing—from demons making guest appearances to sleeping as an act of protest.

Week on Week: The VICE India Mixtape

A song for each day of the week, throwing in a mix of new releases and some #throwbacks too—everything from homegrown hip-hop to Bollywood (uh-no?) and K-pop—we gotchyu.

Naman Saraiya

When You Initiate Sex In Your Sleep, Things Can Get Complicated

Sexsomnia is a sleep disorder in which people have sex—or try to—while unconscious.

Richard Greenhill

Sisters, Your Siestas Can Be Revolutionary

Your nap can change the nation.

Sushmita Sundaram

Naps, Ranked

The 12 most memorable types of naps.

VICE Staff

When I Get Hurt in a Dream, My Body Feels it Even After I Wake Up

"I dreamed that a swarm of bees or wasps attacked my feet. When I woke up, my feet were burning and tingly. It was very painful.”

Crystal Ponti

A Capsule Changed the Way I Experience Sleep

A night inside a pod made me use the bed for what it’s really for.

Pallavi Pundir

Would You Sleep with Your Drug Dealer?

Sleeping with the dopeman seems like a good idea at first. He's got a job where makes a ton of money and he's a hit at parties and social gatherings. The down side is he doesn't know how to put a barrier between his home life and his work life.

VICE Staff

I'm Scared I'll Murder My Boyfriend in My Sleep

I do really fucked up things in my sleep. I even dream of murder. Does that make me dangerous?

Hayley Campbell

How to Sleep Properly at University

We asked several specialists how to get through uni on a minimal amount of sleep.

Charlotte Simons

This Is How Parents Around The World Get Their Babies to Sleep

From rain apps to fennel seeds, these parents have tried everything to get their infants to go the hell to sleep.

Caroline Shannon-Karasik

High Speed Internet Is Causing Widespread Sleep Deprivation, Study Finds

First of its kind study establishes causal link between broadband internet and sleep deprivation.

Daniel Oberhaus

I Went to a Sleep Show to Cure My Terrible Sleep

Turns out Big Sleep cares less about us, and more about our employers.

Niloufar Haidari