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Modi 2.0: Here's What Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Reelection Means for India

A lowdown on the rough and tumble of Indian politics to see what the future might have in store for us.


We Ask Indians How They Feel the Election Outcome Will Affect Their Lives

As the Narendra Modi-led BJP looks unstoppable in its victory, we ask around to see what people have to say.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Is Set to Come Back to Power Even Stronger

It's the first time a non-Congress prime minister has returned to power.


Polling Officials Forget to Delete Fake Votes, Decide to Erase Real Ones to Hide Their Tracks

After being accused of manipulating Electronic Voting Machines, the Election Commission is now investigating a new fuck-up in Himachal Pradesh that compromises the democratic process.


Inside the Lives of Workers Who Thrive on India’s Election Economy

From the taxi drivers and sound guys to the ones who print posters and compose political jingles, these unsung heroes are the most vital part of the world's biggest democratic exercise.


'Pink Booths' in India Got More Women To Come Out To Vote

In the 'Crime Capital' of India, these "Nari Shakti" polling stations bridged a deep gender gap with an all-female staff and cops, teddy bears and roses.


The Secrets Behind How Politicians Get the Masses to Attend Their Rallies

“Bottles are stacked up in big cartons, placed in vans, and then sent to areas frequented by drunkards.”


Political Rallies in the Indian Heartland Are Often Just a Family’s Day Out

We tag along with an 80-member family to know why a collective show of support for their politician of choice is important.


This Political Party Is Offering Free Gold, Half-Price Alcohol and Goats on Eid If it Wins

“70 percent of people drink liquor only when they’re sad, and want to lift up their night after a hard day. Robbing these sad people is cruel.”


This Bernie Sanders-Inspired Startup Is Funding Election Dreams of India’s Political Outsiders

Managing to raise Rs 7 million to fund student activist Kanhaiya Kumar’s campaign, Our Democracy is quietly shaking up the world of political fundraising.


VICE Votes: Young Indian Voters Speak Up On General Elections 2019

As India votes to get its next government, we get young Indians to talk about politics, culture, identity, and what they think is the need of the hour for the country.


Why 2 Lakh Sex Workers Across 16 States Are Voting NOTA This Election

As the All India Network of Sex Workers presents its manifesto this election season, those on the ground reveal how it’s about time the system changed.