General Election 2017

Heads Rolling

UKIP Leader, Following Crushing Defeat: UKIP Could Be Bigger Than Ever

Paul Nuttall has resigned as leader, but is optimistic for the future of the anti-EU party.
Mac Hackett
Oh Snap

62 Reasons to Not Vote Tory Today

In case you need a reminder.
Simon Doherty
Oh Snap

Why Nobody's Bothered to Hack the UK Election

The recent US and French elections were plagued by allegations of digital subterfuge. So why have May and Corbyn been let off the hook?
Brendan Scott
Here Be Dragons

Statistical Proof You Won't Stay Labour Forever

You only need to look at the past 20 years to see your youthful optimism will one day be ground down to nought.
Martin Robbins
Tory Week

What It's Like to Be a Tory at a Left-Wing University

"My ex-girlfriend said her biggest reservation about dating me had been that I was 'a Tory'. Other friends refer to me only as 'Toryboy'."
Ruchira Sharma
Tory Week

A Spotter’s Guide to Every Type of Tory Voter

Print it out and keep it close to you.
Joel Golby
Tory Week

I Lived as a Tory for a Week, Day Three: Canvassing

There's a mix up at a constituency HQ and Oobah ends up drumming up support for the local MP.
Oobah Butler
Tory Week

Welcome to VICE's Tory Week

All this week we'll be focusing on Britain's fastest-growing subculture: Tories.
VICE Staff
Tory Week

I Lived as a Tory for a Week, Day Two: Cricket Festival

Oobah heads to Tunbridge Wells, one of the most Conservative areas of the UK.
Oobah Butler
Oh Snap

The Highlights of Last Night's Corbyn V May Showdown

Or, more accurately, Corbyn and May versus a typically ravenous Paxman and a live studio audience.
Gavin Haynes
Oh Snap

Who Are the Big Winners from the Tory Manifesto?

Fat cats! Racists! Child-hating misers! There's something for everyone in Theresa May's big plan.
Simon Childs
Yohann Koshy

Watch JME and Jeremy Corbyn Talk About the Future of Britain

The pair sat down for a coffee in north London.
VICE Staff