Some People Relive Psychedelic Trips Years Later

Recreational users of drugs like LSD and mushroom don’t always find psychedelic flashbacks upsetting, though.


Cops Are Investigating a Hallucinogenic Desert Toad Heist

The local conservation area believes the thieves may have wanted to lick the stolen Sonoran Desert toads for their natural psychedelic properties.


Photographing Benny Podda, the Bodybuilder Turned Martial Artist Turned Cave-Dwelling Medicine Man

Photographer Ray Lego recalls sipping hallucinogenic potions, hanging out in the desert, and watching the man drown himself.


Remembering When the ‘Titanic’ Crew Ate PCP-Spiked Clam Chowder

Everyone was rushed to hospital. The perpetrator was never found.


Talking Acid Trips and Drug Legalisation with the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn

Daniel Miller never expected to become a psychedelics advocate, but the former lawyer started the Psychedelic Society of Brooklyn last year to help change cultural and political attitudes towards LSD.


LSD Could One Day Be Used to Help People Confront Death

That's right, your grandparents could soon be tripping more balls than you.


In Search of Hallucinogenic Toads

VICE Mexico went looking for Bufo alvarius, a toad species that contains a high dosage of the hallucinogen 5-MEO-DMT in its body.


We Talked to a Scientist Who Gave LSD to Cats Back in the 70s

It was a different time back then – all you needed for a legitimate scientific study was a bunch of cats, a sheet of acid and a can-do attitude.


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Taking ayahuasca is easily the most powerful experience I've ever had.


Crappy Ayahuasca Shamans Are Making Gap Years Dangerous

A British teenager died after drinking yage in South America last week.


Shrooms Reunion

The next seven hours fucked them up so intensely they still remember every minute detail 20 years later.