What's Going On with the NHS PrEP Trial in England?

NHS Engalnd delayed plans to fund doubling the trial in size, just days after its announcement – and that may leave people at even greater risk.
Jake Hall

Russia Is Punishing People for Helping Drug Users

Moscow's only harm reduction NGO has been given a potentially devastating fine for doing the work it's meant to do.
Niko Vorobjov
sexual health

These Porn Actors Are Working to Destigmatise HIV

With services under threat and effective sex ed still a myth, HIV+ performers like Hans Berlin and industry activists like Jason Domino are using their platforms to educate and advocate.
Jake Hall

The Heartbreaking Instagram Where People Remember Loved Ones Who Died of AIDS

"Looking at the photos, I felt like the whole world was falling down around me. I had an overwhelming feeling of loss and devastation, and had to go to the bathroom so that no one would see me crying."
Jeff Leavell
Privacy and Perception Issue

As a Trans Woman, Our Obsession With Labels Feels Limiting – Not Liberating

I’m trans, HIV positive, and I don’t seek to fit into a single gender binary. But my simple desire to land a date on a dating app is often lost in the terms I'm expected to use.
Juno Roche
sexual health

HIV Transmission Rates Have Fallen, But We Can't Be Complacent

With government cuts forcing clinics to close or offer fewer appointments, we'll have to work to uphold the hard-fought progress that has been made.
Jake Hall

What It's Like to Date When You're HIV Positive

It's not as bad as I thought.
Amahl S. Azwar

HIV Probably Won't Kill You, but Smoking Will

HIV-positive people smoke at more than twice the rate of the general population. Doctors say smoking now presents a greater risk to them than HIV itself.
Benjamin Adams

Marijuana Could Be Huge for Treating HIV

From inflammation to lowering levels of the virus itself, a current study hopes to demystify pot's benefits for those living with HIV.
Steven Blum

HIV-Positive Chefs Team Up to End Stigma

A recent survey suggests half of Canadians wouldn't eat food prepared by a HIV-positive individual. June's Eatery wants to change that.
Mayukh Sen

The Dangers of Britain's New Steroid Obsession

Over the past year there's been a four-fold increase in steroid use, opening some people up to a higher risk of contracting HIV.
Milly McMahon

How I Make My Mixed HIV Status Relationship Work

I'm HIV positive, but my partner is not. And though science has rendered that difference medically negligible, it's hard to shed decades of stigma overnight.
Jeff Leavell