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Five Questions

Five Questions for… the Westfield Stratford Ice Cream Shagger

That he shags ice cream is not up for debate. But *why* he shags ice cream... well, that is.
Joel Golby
international women's day

How Women-Run Free Cafes Helped Sustain the 1984 UK Miners’ Strike

“You have to remember that there were children starving. We knew Thatcher was trying to break us, so we had to galvanise as a community.”
James McMahon
International Women's Day 2019

How Pakistani Women are Using IWD to Push for Peace with India

With International Women's Day falling amid threats of war, anti-violence themes have become a prominent part of equality demonstrations.
Sabrina Toppa
International Women's Day 2019

Brands Need Different Priorities on International Women's Day

Fewer pink cupcakes, more social responsibility.
Lauren O'Neill
international women's day

Millions of Spanish Women Went on a Feminist Strike

An estimated five million women across Spain joined a historic strike to mark International Women's Day.
Laura Muriel
Ana Iris Simón
international women's day

Illustrated Tributes to Female Artists, by Female Artists

Here's how some of our favorite illustrators paid homage to the artists they look up to.
Nick Gazin
international women's day

Meet the Women Who Run London's Chinatown

From Malaysian-Singaporean eateries to an Instagram-famous waffle house, we visit the female restaurant owners working in one of the world’s busiest Chinatowns.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

The Red Pill's 'How to Get Laid Like a Warlord' Advice, Analysed

One for the men, for International Women's Day.
Emma Garland
international women's day

The Woman Behind International Women's Day Was a Refugee and a Socialist

Theresa Malkiel came to New York as a teen after fleeing anti-Semitic violence in Russia. Eighteen years later, she founded Women's Day, the forerunner of IWD.
Mary McGill
international women's day

7 Empowering Ways to Spend International Women's Day

Here's a list of events going on around the country in celebration of the world's women.
Nathaniel Ainley
guerrilla art

A Fearless Bronze Girl Has Been Installed to "Take Down" the Wall Street Bull

For International Women's Day, artist Kristen Visbal and photographer Federica Valabrega installed a sculpture of a young girl bravely facing Arturo Di Modica's 'Charging Bull'.
Beckett Mufson

What Happened When London’s Best Female Chefs Hosted an International Women’s Day Dinner

Margot Henderson, Freddie Janssen, Olia Hercules, and more cooked in celebration of the women who inspire their food.
Johanna Derry