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At the Times, a Hesitance to Hyperlink

Journalists at the 'New York Times' and its own standards editor say that getting continually dragged by other journalists for not giving credit is embarrassing.


Celebrity Gossip Reporters Reveal the Tricks of the Trade

Adele and Skepta are apparently dating – but how did the gossip sites find out?


It’s Official: VICE's Reporting Makes Readers Take Drugs More Safely

A study found that a VICE headline about fake MDMA encouraged people to test their drugs.


When the Conflict Zone You're Reporting on Is Home

We spoke to Zahra Hankir – editor of "Our Women on the Ground," a new collection of essays by Arab women reporters – about why no one else can report on the region like Arab women can.


Dodgy Drug Charges Are Being Used to Silence Russia's Opposition

If you're a journalist or an activist in Russia, drugs can magically appear in your backpack.


Inside the Dangerous Life of a Female 'Fixer' in Iraq

"My mum, when she’s asking me when will I get married... I tell her, ‘Find me someone as strong as me and I will marry them, I promise.’”


What Getting Taylor Swift "In Her Own Words" Really Means

As magazines reinvent the format of the celebrity profile, they spark questions about how much truth their audience is actually getting from today's biggest artists.


I Am Banned from Visiting All Nunavut Prisons After Reporting on Alleged Abuses

I've been collecting first-hand accounts from one of Canada’s most violent, dilapidated, and overcrowded northern jails for four years.


I Was Injecting Heroin in the Bogs While Working at One of the UK's Biggest Papers

Joel Lewin worked at one of the world's most prestigious financial newspapers. But while he was writing about Tesco's shares he was also shoplifting there to feed a heroin addiction.


This Is a Dark Day for Press Freedom

Our editorial response to today’s Supreme Court of Canada ruling.


What's with All the 'How to Take Your Turkey on a Plane' Articles?

Who is actually trying to take an entire turkey on a plane? And why?


Stop Telling Black Writers to Stop Writing About Race

A recent series of comments forced me to confront the issues of writing like everyone else as an other.