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How Do You Know When to Quit Therapy?

When I imagined finishing therapy it was always with a sense of capability and optimism, but what I got instead was the overwhelming feeling that I was giving up.
Emma Garland

Finding Therapy Isn’t Easy for Queer and Trans People of Colour

Therapy is an overwhelmingly white profession, one that can be insensitive to the needs of those with intersectional identities. This is how QTPOC find therapy that helps, rather than hurts.
Arielle Gray
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Psychotherapist

"I think dating a therapist is the best thing that could happen to you."
Lea Albring

What We've Learned from Giving Dolphins LSD

Communication between humans and animals may be possible after all.
VICE Staff

Images of a Russian Psychotherapist's Surreal Methods

Take a glimpse of Russian photographer Katya Rezvaya's new series about Dr. Andrei Gnezdilov, a therapist and author of scientific studies and books on the therapeutic values of fairy tales.
Katya Rezvaya

Can We Ever Change Our Attitudes Towards Paedophiles?

With her film Daniel's World, Veronika Liskova explores the struggle for acceptance in a society that sees no difference between active offenders and those – like her subject – who are seeking help to never act on their desires.
Nell Frizzell
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

What It's Like Recovering from a Suicide Attempt

More people below the age of 35 die from suicide in this country than any other reason. This is what it's like to reach a point where death seems like the only rational option, but also how the experience can be a catalyst for recovery.
David Whelan

Humans Have Become Too Good at Lying

From politicians to criminals, relationships to media relations, we're all liars living in a lying world. But how much do we care?
Morwenna Ferrier

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Makes Patients Want to Murder Their Therapists

Can making patients want to kill their therapists really help them?
Stephen Keefe