That Deadly Nuclear Blast in Russia Happened While Trying to Rescue a Lost Missile From the Ocean Floor

The blast, which killed seven people and wounded many others, is thought to be connected to the experimental nuclear-powered "Skyfall" cruise missile.
Greg Walters

It Sure Looks Like Russia Is Trying to Cover Up Fallout From the Skyfall Nuclear Missile Accident

Russian intelligence officers reportedly forced doctors treating the injured to sign non-disclosure agreements.
Greg Walters

I Went to the Opening of a KGB Spy Museum and It Was Kind of Awesome

I, for one, welcome our new ex-Soviet overlords.
Alex Norcia

Photos from Serbia's Love Parade for Vladimir Putin

The government organised a large rally in Belgrade to keep the Russian president happy and on their side.
Mihailo Tešić

Russia’s ‘Batshit Crazy’ New Super-Weapons Are Mostly Hype

The power of the Kremlin's new supersonic and atomic missiles are exaggerated, experts say.
David Axe
Views My Own

Trump's Iran Tantrum Shows He's Just a Dumb President in Big Trouble

Sabre-rattling is a tried-and-true tactic for presidents who aren't very smart and don't have a lot of friends. Just ask George W Bush.
Matt Taylor
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Unpacking Trump's Bizarre Press Conference with Putin

On today's episode, we process this week's political theatre.
VICE Staff
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Why Russians Can't Wait to Host Their Enemies at the World Cup

I travelled around Russia to find out how its people feel about welcoming visitors from countries they've been told are the enemy.
Nik Afanasjew
true crime

How Putin's Russia Became Mafia Heaven

Inside the long, strange story of organised crime taking over the former Soviet Union – and how Russia tamed it only to unleash it on the West.
Seth Ferranti
foreign policy

Syria and the 'Anti-Imperialism' of Idiots

Much of the left's response to the war in Syria has been stupid, racist apologism for a tyrant.
Leila Al Shami
Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: Gross Hawking Tributes vs Corbyn the Traitor

RIP Stephen Hawking. At last he is free to have a pint with Jim Bowen.
Angus Harrison

We Asked Russian State Media About the Salisbury Spy Poisoning

Are Sputnik News and RT Russian propagandists? Or are they an independent source of alternative facts that happens to be backed by the Kremlin?
Gavin Haynes