Photos of a Million People Taking Part in a Little Known Christian Tradition

El Camino del Rocío marks the Christian holy day of Pentecost.
Mathieu Richer
2 days ago

The Young Women Leading Nigeria's #MeToo Revolution

The movement has reached Africa's largest country after a prominent pastor was accused of rape.
Aanu Adeoye
3 days ago
Save Yourselves

Christians Care About Climate Change If It's About Saving 'God's Creation'

A new study shows that climate change can be more of a Christian issue – if we speak their language.
Mary Retta
3 days ago

For Women of Colour, Family Shame Can Make Abortions Traumatic

In households where it's common to keep dating a secret, an unplanned pregnancy brings up many challenges.
Sarah Krichel
3 days ago

Queer Clergy Tell Us What It's Like to Be Gay and a Christian Leader

"It's been difficult for many to accept that a gay person could become a high-ranking minister."
Sebastian Goddemeier
4 days ago
climate change

If Climate Change Makes You Feel Hopeless, Maybe Religion Can Help

People suffering from climate despair are turning to spiritual leaders. This is the advice they get.
Opheli Garcia Lawler

Holocaust Museum Slams Concentration Camp Comparisons

Surprise: Its chairman is a long-time Trump ally.
Leila Ettachfini
Save Yourselves

These Activists Think You Can Save the Planet with Meditation

I spent the day with the Dharma Action Network For Climate Engagement and went on a meditation protest.
Saskia Rowlands

Inside the Global Exorcism 'Boom'

So many people are needing their demons exorcised, the Vatican recently had to put on a dedicated "exorcist training convention".
Francisco Garcia

When a Binding Contract With God Means Staying Silent on Sexual Abuse

Evangelical megachurches are leaning on a favorite tool of corporations to protect themselves from liability in the MeToo era.
Alex Norcia

What Ramadan Is Like When You Have an Eating Disorder

It’s easier to starve myself without arousing suspicion when everyone around me is fasting.
Hadeel Abdel-Nabi

Jesus Would Have Been Cool with Weed, Says 'Christian Cannabis' Pastor

Craig Gross launched a new website to have a conversation with other evangelicals about using pot.
Alex Norcia