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Glastonbury 2019

The Cure and The Killers Join Stormzy as Glastonbury 2019 Headliners

Janet Jackson, Christine and the Queens, and Lauryn Hill are all also highly billed in the first proper wave of acts announced for June 2019's event.
Lauren O'Neill
Festivals 2018

The Second Wave of Meltdown Festival Acts Is a Saddo's Paradise

This year's curator Robert Smith has added Death Cab for Cutie, Suzanne Vega, Low, and more to his predictably (but gloriously) morose lineup.
Lauren O'Neill
Festivals 2018

Are You Goth Enough For Robert Smith's Meltdown Festival?

Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, Deftones, and My Bloody Valentine say: probably not.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Grab the Black Eyeliner, The Cure's Robert Smith is Curating Meltdown 2018

Middle aged Goth Christmas came early!
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey Guide To

The Guide to Getting into The Cure

Contrary to popular belief, The Cure's music isn't all doom and gloom. The band has a deep and varied catalogue.
David Anthony

We Found Some Goths in the Amazon

They traipse around Manaus in heavy black bodices and chunky black boots attracting the sun like a moody solar panel.
João Paulo Machado and Marie Declercq
z sides

The Cure’s “Desperate Journalist” Is The Perfect Diss That Nobody Heard

In response to a negative review of Three Imaginary Boys, The Cure reworked one of their tracks to create the best musical comeback of all time.
Emma Garland

Here’s What Happened at Barrett Brown’s Gag Hearing

And why it was bullshit.
Dell Cameron, Photos: Ryan Smith