What Actually Happens When a Working-Class Student Applies to Oxbridge

In this extract from "Rife: Twenty-One Stories from Britain's Youth", Olivia Fletcher shares how applying to Cambridge University shattered her fantasy of meritocratic education.
Olivia Fletcher
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This 'Snowflake' Generation Isn't the First to Say Screw the System

Bunking off class to get your voice heard didn't start with the school climate strikers.
Callum Cant

Stories of All the Scandals That Rocked Your Schools

Or, a trip down memory lane to the times people remember their teachers getting fired or 'choosing to leave' for good.
Rhys Thomas
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Everything You Need to Know Before Attending Your First Protest

If you're planning on skipping school to attend the Fridays For Future march, you should come prepared.
Dominique Sisley
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School Isolation Is Hurting a Generation of Young People

Isolation booths have become a major part of the education system, but former students say that they amount to nothing less than psychological torture.
Annie Lord
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Horror Stories from the Day-to-Day Life of a Nursery Teacher

"I'll tell my dad, and when you leave school tomorrow there'll be a guy there with a knife and he'll stab you," the five-year-old said.
Yannah Alfering

The Astronomical Rise of Exam Cheats

In the UK, the number of school students caught cheating in exams has risen 25 percent in two years; among uni students, that number has surged by 40 percent. Why?
Annie Lord
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Thousands of School Students Skipped Class to Protest Climate Change

We were in central London on Friday, speaking to participants in the first Youth Strike 4 Climate to reach UK shores.
Nick Levine
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What Teachers Really Think About Students Striking over Climate Change

"The thought of children missing mass amounts of school fills me with fear."
Lauren O'Neill
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Satanist Middle Schoolers Planned to Kill 15 Students and Drink Their Blood, Cops Say

They allegedly brought butcher knives to school and wanted to kill "as many students as possible," then scatter their remains at the school's entrance.
Drew Schwartz
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For the Love of God, Please Stop Feeding This Dog

Students in Taiwan have been asked not to feed their school's guard dog, who's now a whopping 110 pounds.
Drew Schwartz
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Nursery Welcomes Kids Back to School with a Professional Pole Dancer

A warm back-to-school welcome, indeed.
Drew Schwartz