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Everyone Else Is Doing Virtual Reality, So Obviously Nintendo Is Launching a New NES

Why go forwards when you can celebrate some of the best games of all time, and immediately top the Christmas Lists of 30-somethings everywhere?
Mike Diver

These Are the Best Video Games You Can Finish in an Afternoon

You're bumming about the house, with time to kill. So kill it by starting, and finishing, a great game in a single sitting.
Mike Diver
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25 Super Nintendo Games You Should Play Today

Nintendo's 16bit machine is 25 years old, so here's 25 games from the 1990s that you can put on today and forget about frame rate debates for an hour or two.
Ian Dransfield
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It’s Music That Makes Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda Series So Extraordinary

Koji Kondo's score was "something that had never been heard before," theorist Andrew Schartmann tells an author who has his own special history with the series.
Merlin Jobst
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'Back to the Future' Was Cool, But 1985 Was an Amazing Year for Video Games

The beginning of the console wars, the release of the original 'Super Mario Bros.', home computing changing forever with the Amiga. 1985 was big.
Mike Diver
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‘Super Mario Bros.’ Taught Me to Be the Best, and More Lessons from the Mushroom Kingdom

Nintendo's famous plumber, celebrating his 30th anniversary, is a fairly good icon to follow in terms of improving your life.
Brad Barrett
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Exclusive: Read an Excerpt from the New 33 1/3 Book on Koji Kondo’s ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Soundtrack

Writer Andrew Schartmann examines Kondo's compositional philosophy.
Mike Diver
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The Sadistic ‘Super Mario Maker’ Is the ‘Dark Souls’ of Cute Platformers

The portly plumber is a favourite with players of all ages – but his new game is going to be tougher than Bowser's crusty ballsack.
Mike Diver
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We Asked Some Experts About the Sexual Undertones of 'Super Mario Bros.'

We speak to two folklore experts to better understand gaming's obsession with rescuing damsels in distress. Things get dark.
Jagger Gravning
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This Was the Week in Video Games

Mario's moving to the mobile market, Hideo Kojima's clearing his desk, and Atari's acting like a bunch of dicks.
Mike Diver
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It’s Not All About You: Decentralising Gaming’s Domineering Protagonists

Your little avatar might be the centre of its world. You, however, are not – and more video games could do with representing this.
Carolyn Petit
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Whatever Happened to the Mascots of Our Beloved 90s Platform Games?

From Mario to Donkey Kong to Sonic the Hedgehog, we chronicled the highs and lows for our favourite mascots.
Grant Pardee