the vice interview

The VICE Interview: Zara Larsson

Speaking to the 'Never Forget You' singer about weeing in the shower and the perfect Mastermind subject, and cringe first email addresses.
Ruchira Sharma

Sex Contracts and Wooden Boxes: A Brief History of Swedish Kidnappings

Kidnappings might not be that common in Sweden, but when they do happen they are pretty fucked up.
Theo Hagman Rogowski

Shock, Race and Fairytales: A Conversation With Swedish Artist Makonde Linde

Linde gained international notoriety in 2012 by dressing as a cake in blackface. His latest exhibition is opening today in Stockholm but has already divided the local art community.
Weronika Pérez Borjas
The Up in Flames Issue

Some Swedish Doctors Are Performing Virginity Tests, Against Their Patients' Will

The tests have little scientific basis, but could save a life.
Hugo Anderholm

No, Sweden Is Not Enforcing a Six-Hour Work Day

You can stop planning your move to Sweden, because the whole six-hour work day thing is just a massive misunderstanding.
Camila-Catalina Fernandez

The New Swedish Word for Female Masturbation Is a Mix of the Words 'Clitoris' and 'Glitter'

I asked a couple of linguists if Swedish girls have any chance of making "klittra" happen.
Hanna Blåhed

Preview Robyn's "Monument," The First Track Off Her Upcoming Album

Hear a preview off the Swedish pop star's upcoming collaboration with Röyksopp.
Zach Sokol

We Talked to the Founder of the Swedish Pirate Party About America's Ongoing Infowar

File-sharing sites are going down left and right, so we thought we'd clear our heads and talk to a Swedish pirate.
Patrick McGuire
The Whyte Tyger Izzue


FEEL THE DARKNESS You may remember Ragnar Persson from the scary taxidermy wolf he shot for our 2007 Photo Issue cover. And if you saw his pretty pencil drawings of girls and Nordic woods
Milene Larsson
The Talking Issue

A Swedish Jazz-improv Singer Who Sings All Crazy

Our new favorite singer is Lindha Kallerdahl, a Swedish chanteuse who combines pretty, quiet singing with these improvisational vocal stylings that, honestly, we're having a hard time describing. It's like a little bit of every kind of sound that a...
Amy Kellner; Photo: Kristian Bengtsson
The Clowny Clown Clown Issue

Vice Fashion - Swedish Girls Who Don't Look "Swedish"

I'm half French, half Sinhalese, and when I look at contemporary fashion shoots I can't relate at all.
Marguerite Seger
The Music Issue

Doomsday Disco

Life without music would be as desirable as having eternal life. In both cases existence would be kind of pointless, right?
You Can Call Me Al