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4 days ago

Worst Opinion of the Week: Boris Johnson's Brexit Deal is Sexist

Get in, bitches, we're siphoning off Theresa May's politics into an out-of-sight septic tank to make flimsy point about misogyny!


Now, Every Day Is Boris Day

Dude! We are totally fucked!


What the Hell Is Theresa May Going to Do Next?

The psychological impact of exiting Number 10 can be brutal, but she might take some comfort from watching Boris Johnson crash and burn.


Here's What Westminster Insiders Are Saying About Theresa May's Legacy

As May steps down as Conservative party leader, we asked people who have worked with or around her to anonymously let rip.


We Asked People in London: How Do You Feel About Theresa May Quitting?

In the wake of May's not-so-shock resignation, I went to Westminster to see how people felt about her departure from Number 10.


Theresa May Achieved Nothing But the Destruction of Her Own Party

She claimed to have a zeal for dealing with helping the Left-Behinds, but left them behind as she failed to get to grips with a historical period of crisis.


The Worst Bullshit in Theresa May's Goodbye Speech, Dissected

Her speech unsurprisingly glossed over her incompetence, her outright failures and her more heartless policies.


Local Elections: How Doomed Are the Tories?

Local Conservative councillors are going to lose out because of Theresa May's failings, and they are not happy about it.


What the Latest Stretch of Brexit Purgatory Means for Britain

Brexit has been extended until the 31st of October, helping the Halloween-horror headlines write themselves.


Where Key Brexit Figures Land on that ‘Baby, Feral, Cursed’ Test

We ran some very exhausted political figures through that personality alignment test. For a laugh!


Three(???) Days to Go: WTF Is Happening with Brexit?

Theresa May's epic dithering risks more than the future of the Tory party.