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Sex Work is About Finding Your Niche, and Upselling

"I’m a non-binary takatāpui transsexual, and I like being feminine, and I want a dick, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t."

What I Learned from the Depression After My Transition

Though I wouldn't change a thing, transitioning presented problems I never expected.
Chris Jacobovicz
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We Threw a Party for Trans Rights with Eris Drew, BBZ London and Charlie Craggs

VICE and Stonewall took over a pub in south London and got people to respond to the government’s consultation on the Gender Recognition Act.
VICE Staff
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The Full-Page Anti-Trans Advert in the Metro Shows Why We Must Speak Up for Trans Rights

There's just over a week left to sign the government's consultation on making it easier for trans people to have their gender legally recognised.
VICE Staff
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We Debunked the Transphobic Myths About Gender Recognition Act Reform

A women's refuge manager, prison expert and the father of a trans child tell us why the law must be changed to make it easier for trans people to self-identify.
VICE Staff
Life Inside

All the Crap I Put Up with Transitioning to Male in Prison

"Well, you’re still a she for now, anyway," the doctor told me when I started hormone therapy.
Ethan Ybabes

The Horrific Black Market Medical Procedures Trans Women Turn To

The short film 'Vessels' follows a young Latina transgender woman as she undergoes black market breast augmentation.
Nicole Clark

Six People Told Us Their Favourite Things About Being Transgender

"I think that a positive indirect result of being trans or nonbinary means that you do not care what society thinks about you, and it’s such a freeing feeling."
Anna Goldfarb
I'm a Woman, AMA

Agony Aunt, 'Is It Prejudiced of Me to Not Want to Sleep with a Trans Person?'

An advice column, for men.
Megan Nolan

This Is What My Life's Been Like Since I Won the Lottery

We spoke to Melissa Ede, who won £4 million on New Year's Eve.
Daisy-May Hudson

Will 'Coming Out' Always Be Necessary?

How long before being straight is no longer the norm, and we won't have to make a big moment of explaining who we are and who we love?
Benjamin Wirström

Why Are Trans People Being Banned From Tinder?

The dating app won’t really explain why it keeps happening.
Allison Tierney