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'The Law Isn't Working' – Angela Rayner MP On the Gender Recognition Act

The Shadow Secretary of State for Education believes the UK is slipping behind when it comes to trans equality, and that the time for GRA reform is now.
Angela Rayner MP
30 minutes ago
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Over 100 Organisations Sign a Statement in Support of Trans Equality

We're one of more than 100 companies from the business, charity, and public sectors to come out publicly and unwaveringly in support of trans rights in a new ad.
VICE Staff
a day ago
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Come to These VICE Events to Stand Up for Trans Equality

We're running sessions in Peckham and Stoke Newington where you can fill in the Gender Recognition Act consultation with us, tomorrow and Friday.
VICE Staff
a day ago
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A Brief History of the Gender Recognition Act

And why it needs updating so that Britain can lead the way in transgender equality.
Shon Faye
2 days ago

What Happened When I Called Out Comedians for Transphobic 'Jokes'

After I received a hateful message from my former friend, actor and comedian TJ Miller, the #MeToo movement inspired me to continue calling out transphobia – even when it means facing hordes of vitriolic trolls.
Danielle Solzman
Life Inside

All the Crap I Put Up with Transitioning to Male in Prison

"Well, you’re still a she for now, anyway," the doctor told me when I started hormone therapy.
Ethan Ybabes

Six People Told Us Their Favourite Things About Being Transgender

"I think that a positive indirect result of being trans or nonbinary means that you do not care what society thinks about you, and it’s such a freeing feeling."
Anna Goldfarb

The Stories of Trans People Taken Too Soon

A staggering 45 percent of trans people in the UK have attempted suicide.
Thomas Hobbs

The Unique Problems Trans People Face When Finding a Therapist

You should be able to talk to someone about your mental health without having your gender status blamed and scrutinised.
Megan Nolan

Will 'Coming Out' Always Be Necessary?

How long before being straight is no longer the norm, and we won't have to make a big moment of explaining who we are and who we love?
Benjamin Wirström
Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: Transgender Swimmers vs Homeless People Ruining the Royal Wedding

2018 has only just begun, but the scandalous hot takes are already rolling in.
Angus Harrison

Five Queer People on What 'Femme' Means to Them

"Femme" practices can be as empowering for one queer person as they are alienating for another. We asked five queer femmes about the unique ways they approach their identities.
Cassie Donish