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Cold Showers Help Me Manage Dysphoria When Nothing Else Works

When I had an eating disorder linked to dysphoria, I thought cold showers would help me lose weight. Instead, I find that they bring me back to myself.
Peter Smith

Presenting as Non-Binary Changed My Dating Life Completely

Staying true to my femme gender non-conforming identity has definitely made relationships more complicated.
Travis Alabanza
sex work

I Did Sex Work to Make Money – and Find Real Intimacy With Men

One in eight trans women have done sex work as a source of income; one in five, for food or shelter. Some of us have looked for real human connection there, too.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

A Husband Comes Out as Trans; a Couple Explains What Came Next

"There was a very small chance we'd make it through it, but here we are a year-and-a-half later."
Nick Thompson

The YouTuber Headed for the World's Largest Trans Beauty Pageant

After being "100 percent transparent" about her transition on YouTube, Julie Vu is taking her trans advocacy to Thailand.
Mica Lemiski

I Took Someone Who's Never Watched Porn to a Porn Film Festival

My friend Kira has gone 18 years without ever watching porn.
Rebecca Baden

What I Learned from the Depression After My Transition

Though I wouldn't change a thing, transitioning presented problems I never expected.
Chris Jacobovicz
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Respond to the Gender Recognition Act Consultation Now

The consultation closes at midday today, so there's not long left to have your say.
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'The Law Isn't Working' – Angela Rayner MP On the Gender Recognition Act

The Shadow Secretary of State for Education believes the UK is slipping behind when it comes to trans equality, and that the time for GRA reform is now.
Angela Rayner MP
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Over 100 Organisations Sign a Statement in Support of Trans Equality

We're one of more than 100 companies from the business, charity, and public sectors to come out publicly and unwaveringly in support of trans rights in a new ad.
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Come to These VICE Events to Stand Up for Trans Equality

We're running sessions in Peckham and Stoke Newington where you can fill in the Gender Recognition Act consultation with us, tomorrow and Friday.
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