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I Went to an Islamic Exorcism in the Back of a Glaswegian Nail Salon

Turns out it's as good a place as any to cleanse your soul of evil spirits.
Nick Chester, Photos: Andrew Perry

College Advice from a 75-Year-Old Who Went to School for 55 Years and Got 30 Degrees

His message to young people: Don't quit too soon.
Michael Nicholson as told to Emma Collins

Meet the Woman Fighting to Normalise Toplessness

"I don't have slogans painted on my body. I don't carry signs. There are times for that, but to normalise bare-chestedness, you have to do normal things."
Nick Keppler

I Bummed a Cigarette at a Festival and Traded Up to Coke

Like that guy who started with a paperclip and traded up to a house
David Allegretti
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How Baby Scumbag’s Quest for Social Media Fame Ended in Disaster

The former child skater pulled himself out of poverty with his viral videos – and even broke into Hollywood – but at what cost?
Allie Conti
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VICE Magazine Editors Pick Their Favorite Pieces of 2016

We had a lot to choose from.
VICE Staff

What Binge-Watching All of Charlie Brooker's Yearly Wipes Taught Me About 2016

I wanted to know if 2016 was the worst year ever, so I binge-watched the last seven years.
Mike Pearl
The 2016 Fiction Issue

'Derek Jeter,' a Story by Thessaly La Force

Two young women in the fashion industry try to keep their heads above water, whether it's by dating rich guys or stealing clothes from the magazine where they work.
Thessaly La Force
The 2016 Fiction Issue

'Your Character'

Forty different ways writers torture their characters.
Deb Olin Unferth

Stories of Christmas Behind Bars

British prisoners told us that spending the festive season locked up is getting worse and worse.
The 2016 Fiction Issue

'Hell,' a Short Story by Benjamin Nugent

A professional interrogator teaches frat boys how to run a proper hell week.
Benjamin Nugent
The 2016 Fiction Issue

VICE Magazine's Tenth Annual Fiction Issue Is Now Online

Ten years ago, it felt like there were a lot of big magazines publishing fiction. In 2016, we are one of the few magazines that still publishes fiction in almost every issue, in addition to this, our yearly fiction issue. That's something.
Amie Barrodale and Clancy Martin