How to Make Reality TV Good Again? Only Make Shows Every Two Years

Or do them every four years, like the World Cup.
Lauren O'Neill
Objectively Correct Lists

Remember When 'The X Factor' Was Good?

And by 'good' we mean very, very bad. We revisited some old performances as proof that you probably once enjoyed it.
Daisy Jones
Lauren O'Neill

Arin Ray Makes Arguments Feel Like Poetry in the Video for "Damn"

The Cincinnati native is blending R&B, hip-hop, and jazz on his debut album 'Platinum Fire.'
Kristin Corry
The X Factor

We Need to Talk About Simon Cowell’s Jeans

They are so appalling, they are a crime. But he can pull them off.
Joel Golby
Remembering Things

Long Live ‘Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes’, the Only Good Music-Based Talent Show

Honestly, why did X Factor even happen after we'd all seen the women of Corrie performing as Spice Girls?
Emma Garland
The Brit Awards 2017

X Factor Rejects and Free Fanta: What It’s Actually Like to Go to the Brits

Behold the ham sandwiches, nosebleed seats and red carpet jostling of this year's awards.
Ryan Bassil
Deep Ass Questions

The Reaction To Little Mix's X Factor Performance Proves Time is Moving Backwards

What did you see? A great pop performance? Or four "prostitutes" in "stripper outfits" who were being "too provocative" for television?
Emma Garland

The X Factor's Honey G Is the Pantomime Villain We Needed to Round Off 2016

But what is her motive? Why is she on this show, doing this thing, the actions of someone being tested by science to see how much embarrassment the human body can withstand without dying?
Joel Golby

When Will Awful, Downbeat Covers of Songs Stop Outperforming the Originals?

Calum Scott’s dismal take on Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” is a stark reminder of the chart-dominating power of a bland man sounding sad on a piano.
Grace Medford
what has humanity become?

Wagner off X Factor Now Does Football Banter For A Living

Wagner will sing horrible songs about your least favourite football club for the cost of a Nando's dinner date for one.
Will Magee
Breaking News

Stormzy Just Beat the X Factor Winner's Single in This Week's Charts

"Shut Up" came in at number 8 above Louisa Johnson's "Forever Young", which is the poorest performing Xwinner’s single in the history of X Factor
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Stormzy Launch G Factor, Grime's Answer to the X Factor

One contestant raps half time in a tucked in red Adidas tracksuit while riding a hoverboard.
Joe Zadeh