People Write Petty Restaurant Reviews When the Weather Is Bad, Study Says

People being petty on the internet? You don't say!


New 'Conservative Yelp' App Will Identify Restaurant Safe Spaces for MAGA Hats, Handguns

63red Safe hopes to offer a platform where Trump supporters can rate businesses based on whether they're 'safe' for conservatives to visit.


Yelp Drama Ensues After Restaurant Owner Posts R. Kelly's Bail

As of this morning, Yelp has deleted several negative reviews of Love on the Blu.


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“I am not an artist, I am art, so whatever I do becomes art.”


How the Hells Angels Weaponised Yelp

The HA would really like to speak to your manager.


The Best Yelp Reviews for Trump's 'Shithole' Hotels

"Wow! This hotel is actually a hole of shit. Like a massive, carved out, deep hole just full of thousands of tons of shit."


I Spent a Night Touring Vancouver’s Worst-Rated Nightclubs

“You will first notice the smell, it is a mix of Axe body spray, shame and stale overpriced beer.”


Yale Dean Resigns After Uproar Over Her ‘Insensitive’ Yelp Reviews

“Barely educated morons trying to manage snack orders for the obese.”


As a Chef, I Wish Yelp Didn't Exist

A chef and restaurateur shares why reading online reviews is a maddening experience for many food industry professionals. Just remember, fine dining isn't a fucking community swimming pool.


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That One Star Yelp Review of Berghain is Definitely Fake and Actually Pretty Homophobic

The review has been spread across the internet, but it's little more than a half-baked joke at the expense of the gay community.


Yelpers Are Trashing the Restaurant Owned by the NYC Bombing Suspect’s Family

First American Fried Chicken in Elizabeth, New Jersey is owned by the family of suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami, and is now in the crosshairs of the angry internet.