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Yemeni Photographers Show the Horrors of the Country's Civil War

The five-year conflict has left 80 percent of the population in desperate need.
VICE Staff

Meet the Woman Bringing Yemeni Food to the London Brunch Scene

“People from the outside either know nothing about the country or they only focus on the negatives, so food is a way to change this perception.”
Sahar Esfandiari

No Way: UK Government Shows Double Standards Over Yemen Bombing

The International Development Minister was asked ten times if Britain will stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, but never really answered.
Simon Childs
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Boris Johnson's Ex-Advisor Works for a Lobbying Firm that Does PR for the Saudi War in Yemen

The vicious war has caused a refugee crisis and a famine.
Solomon Hughes

Yemeni Children Are Trapped In 'Worst Humanitarian Disaster In Modern History'

The country is struggling through war, famine, and cholera.
Alexa Liautaud

What Yemen Can Teach America About Hospitality

In Yemen, I was welcomed to share meals and take tea with total strangers. But America is different: We do not welcome strangers as honoured guests. We barely welcome them at all.
Betsy Andrews
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Pentagon Posted a Video from 2007 to Prove the Raid in Yemen Was Successful

The military took it down a few hours later after realizing the mistake, saying it had not been properly analyzed.
Brian Moylan

Looking Back at a Year of Bloodshed in Yemen

One year after the beginning of the Saudi military campaign in the country, our correspondents recall the destruction and horror they witnessed firsthand.
Ben Anderson and Peter Salisbury
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The UK Is Reportedly Breaking International Law By Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia

Besides the hypocrisy of giving aid to "Yemen with one hand while supporting the destruction of the country with the other", the UK could be violating international law by continuing to sell arms to Saudi Arabia.
Hannah Lawrence

This Tory MP's Embarrassing Rant Against Newsnight Shows that Ideas of Media 'Bias' Are Bullshit

Daniel Kawcynski is making a complaint to the programme after what he saw as a "rude, aggressive and patronising interview".
Sam Kriss

Securing the Kingdom: How the US Military Complex Built Up Its Most Important Ally in the Middle East

The proliferation of threats across the Middle East has forced the US to focus its defense strategy on bolstering the military capabilities of its strongest ally in a region perpetually gutted by turmoil.
Adam Kerlin

The Hangover News

This weekend, a teenager from Yorkshire became Britain's youngest suicide bomber, and police started investigating a woman who took a shit in a Merseyside bargain store.
Mac Hackett