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This Continually Updated Map Shows Which Cops Have iPhone Cracking Tech GrayKey

Using documents, online records, and other media reports, Motherboard will keep this map up-to-date to show how GrayKey is spreading across the country.

by Joseph Cox
May 15 2018, 2:37pm

Image: Malwarebytes

This is part of an ongoing Motherboard series on the proliferation of phone cracking technology, the people behind it, and who is buying it. Follow along here.

Law enforcement and other agencies are increasingly interested in the GrayKey, a small and relatively cheap device that promises to unlock up-to-date iPhones. As Motherboard has found, local forces as well as federal agencies such as the FBI have started procuring the tech, which is made by a company called Grayshift.

To make more sense of the spread of GrayKey, Motherboard has made a map displaying which forces have bought or are in the process of buying GrayKey, as well as those that have been in touch with the company or have tested the device. The map is based on documents obtained through public record access requests, online records, and other media reports.

Below is also a list of federal bodies that have also started procuring or inquired about GrayKey.

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