Polysick - Under Construction EP [Exclusive Premiere]

Preview the Italian producer's fresh house grooves and the tracks that inspired them.

Jun 10 2013, 11:45pm

Italian producer Polysick has made his name on tracks that are heavily influenced by early '90s avant-acid sounds (think LFO and Aphex Twin), but his most recent productions are more bouncy, groovy and dancefloor-oriented — and they definitely pack an old-school house punch informed by his teen years running around the Roman rave scene. His new EP Under Construction drops tomorrow on foward-thinking L.A. house label 100% Silk, and we have an exclusive stream for you of the whole thing. Check that out, then scroll down to see Polysick's list of seven super silky house classics that inspired the EP.

Ron Trent "Morning Fever"
This first one is a classic cut by Ron Trent on Prescription, a monster 12" featuring the glorious "Pop Dip and Spin" on the A side. This one has a more chilled jazz vibe and all the "feel good" elements of a late summer afternoon on a city rooftop — sunny Rhodes-style pads and tinkling glasses (of wine) over a shuffled groove that could go on forever. Essential!

Mr. Fingers "What About This Love"
"Smooth" and "deep" are often abused terms when it comes to define house music, but this is not the case: here is the master at work in one of his most soulful and catchy productions from the old days... and sweet vocals too!

Gerald Mitchell "Astral Ancestors"
This track is from Celestial Highways, an awesome EP by Gerald MItchell (Los Hermanos, Galaxy to Galaxy, UR) released in '99 on Metroplex under his M5 alias. The title of this track is truly an apt description of what is going on here: a clash of ancient and future, astral synth pads over a frantic primitive beat with so many subtle variations and layers that is guaranteed to keep your ears engaged everytime you listen.

Bobby Konders "Poem"
This one is a very special track from the NU GROOVE catalogue released by Bobby Konders in 1990. It has one of the sickest basslines ever and an ersatz flute solo that is hypnotizing and erratic at the same time. A jazzy, dub-infused classic.

New Dance Show
I made a playlist of all the New Dance Show clips I found on Youtube some time ago and I had it on repeat for weeks. The sound quality is lo-fi but who cares? The show is great and totally old school — great DJ skills and lots of classic tracks. Ideal to party to!

Theo Parrish Playing the Mixer
Theo Parrish is number one, everyone knows that. He does not simply make great house music — he keeps the true spirit of black music alive and gives a personal and unique interpretation of it. I'm a fan of everything he does, even the more challenging stuff he's putting out lately (see "Any Other Style" or "Dance of the Medusa"). Most of all, I love to see him "play the mixer." In this live clip recorded in '09 in NYC, he's literally possessed by the music he's playing (a Glenn Underground track called "Afro Gentes").

Midnight Express "Danger Zone"
The last one is a gem from 1983 but it wasnt really discovered until PPU re-issued it in 2008 and it became an instant classic; the best description I read online for this is "absolute boogie perfection," and I totally agree. This clip apparently is the original video ripped from a 30-year-old VHS cassette.