2016 election


Welp, It’s Still Fine to Solicit ‘Dirt’ From a Foreign Government in U.S. Elections

The FEC doesn't even have enough people to implement key reforms to prevent the abuses of 2016.


Trump Is Already Rage-Tweeting About Mueller and Congress

Happy Mueller Day, Mr. President.


Rick Gates and Mike Flynn Just Got Subpoenaed by House Democrats

Democrats are now calling in direct witnesses.


Trump: Russia Helped Get Me Elected. Minutes Later: Russia Didn’t Help Me Get Elected.

He tweeted his first acknowledgement that Russia played a part


Robert Mueller Is About to Speak for the First Time on the Russia Investigation. Here's How to Watch.

The event, slated for 11 a.m. ET, will be live-streamed on the Department of Justice website.


Rod Rosenstein has a lot of thoughts and feelings before he leaves the DOJ

The outgoing attorney general quotes the Eagles in a speech in New York Thursday.


Mueller apparently decided Don Jr. was too clueless to be prosecuted

Perhaps it didn't occur to him that meeting with Russians to get dirt on the opponent might be illegal


Mueller report did not find that Trump campaign conspired with Russia, attorney general says

The attorney general says that the special counsel's report did not find Trump colluded with Russia or obstructed justice, and that there are no more indictments planned in the case. ​


Read the attorney general's letter to Congress that says he received the Mueller report

Barr said he might release the findings "as soon as this weekend."


A short history of Trump denying any connection to Russia

Talks with the Russians about a hotel stretched into the summer of 2016, weeks before Trump accepted the GOP presidential nomination.


Facebook was aware of Russian meddling as far back as 2014

Company emails show the company knew engineers were aware a Russian IP address was pulling "three billion data points a day" on its network.


Former Trump adviser's last-minute attempt to evade 14-day jail sentence failed spectacularly

"Every day the haters get shouted out by the patriots and the people who believe in justice and love America.”