climate change

The Climate Is At a Tipping Point. We Need Stories From the Front Lines

The people affected first and worst by the climate crisis are often the least likely to have their stories told. With your help, Tipping Point aims to change that.
Natasha Grzincic
2 days ago

Today's Special: Vegan Activists Are Being Accused of Cuddling Some Piglets to Death

Plus, Mario Batali will officially no longer profit from any of his former restaurants.
Jelisa Castrodale

How anti-gentrification activists derailed Amazon’s New York City plans

"I think this marks a turning point because of the size and power of Amazon."
Rex Santus
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Ted Cruz Got Heckled Out of a Restaurant over His 'Best Friend' Kavanaugh

Protesters screamed "we believe survivors" at him and his wife in a glitzy Italian joint in DC.
Drew Schwartz

This Twitter Bot Will Tell You if a Login Page is Phishing

@isthisphish takes submissions from users, then generates a report on how suspicious the domain seems to be.
Joseph Cox
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Protesters Chased Mitch McConnell from a Restaurant Chanting 'Turtle Head'

The group shouted at the Senate Majority Leader about the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.
Drew Schwartz
women's rights

In Saudi Arabia, Winning the Right to Drive Is Bittersweet

Women's driving rights are long overdue in the KSA, but as the activists who successfully fought for them are detained, it's hard for women's rights advocates to celebrate.
Leila Ettachfini
Black Women Making History

This Teenager Made History and Pissed Off Racists Everywhere

Zyahna Bryant wrote the petition that sparked the movement against the Robert E. Lee Statue in Charlottesville. A year later, violent racists held the tragic Unite the Right rally.
Amdé Mengistu
daily vice

The Children Treating Gunshot Wounds on Chicago's South Side

In a city home to a staggering amount of gun violence, Ujimaa Medics is teaching kids how to save lives.
VICE Staff

The Real Progress on Immigration Reform is Happening on College Campuses

Undocumented college students deserve access to financial aid programs
Helaina Hovitz
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Activists worry Doug Jones isn't doing enough to turn out the black vote

Alexandra Jaffe
Rise Up

Five Reproductive Rights Heroes You've Gotta Know About Right Now

These activists bring creativity and innovation to the front lines of reproductive health justice.
Katelyn Harrop