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Adele Officiated a Fucking Wedding

She joined comedian Alan Carr and his new husband in marriage earlier this year so I guessed what might have happened.
Lauren O'Neill
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Hey, Here's a Cool Thing: You Make Less Money Than Ed Sheeran!

A loan company has created a tool to kindly remind you that he makes your annual salary in eight hours.
Ryan Bassil
grammys 2018

What Is The Grammys' Beef With Black Women?

Women were shut out of this year’s Grammys, but SZA’s five-nomination snub felt like watching Beyoncé lose all over again.
Kristin Corry
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An Objective Review of Ivanka Trump's 21-Minute Sex Playlist

Have John Legend, James Blunt, Bruno Mars, and Adele ever sounded so sexy?
Lauren O'Neill
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A Guy Pretended to Be Adele's Manager to Get Kendrick Tickets

You sort of have to admire the attempted finesse.
Lauren O'Neill
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The Richest People in UK Music Are (Mostly) Exactly Who You'd Expect

Looks like you pretty much have to be either an old man or Adele to make any money from music in Britain.
Lauren O'Neill
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Is Adele's Onstage Banter the Reason She's a National Treasure?

All aboard Adele's Banter Bus! Next stop: Adelaide!
Lauren O'Neill

Artists Are Trying to Crack Down on Ticket Scalping, But Will It Change Anything?

Everyone from The Tragically Hip to Chance The Rapper are developing new ways to combat scalping and price gouging, seemingly to little effect.
Adam Feibel
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Adele Has Every Last Demographic Sewn Up Now

She brought a drag queen—dressed as her—onstage in Australia last night.
VICE Staff
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Beyoncé Is No Longer Headlining Coachella, So Here's Everyone Who Will Fail to Replace Her

When life gives you lemonade, it often turns out to be lemons.
Phil Witmer

The Internet Originally Wanted to #BoycottAdele Because of How She Made Tea

We can trace the origins of this hashtag back to a cup of tea.
Munchies Staff
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The Boss of the Grammys Doesn't Think the Awards Have a Race Problem

Of course this guy doesn't think the Grammys have a race problem. Of course!!!
Lauren O'Neill