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I Use My Learning Disorder Diagnosis to Cheat on Tests

Getting diagnosed cost thousands of dollars—my roommate couldn't afford it—but it's helping me out big time.

Can Weed Help Treat ADHD?

Evidence that cannabis helps with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is scant, but people are using it to treat their symptoms, anyway.
Nick Keppler
mental health

Sexism Affects the Way People Are Diagnosed With ADHD

Female stereotypes like the “chatty Cathy” or the ditzy girl who’s disorganized and forgetful can dissuade proper diagnosis.
Kalah Siegel
tech harm reduction

We Talked to People Who Work in Tech About How They Manage Screen Time

The irony of a Silicon Valley leader setting a no-phone rule.
Jesse Hicks
mental health

An Ode to Athleisure, Which Eases My Anxiety

I found the adult version of swaddling to work really well for me.
Rajul Punjabi
mental health

This Video Game Improved the Attention Spans of People With ADHD

It could become the first ever prescription video game.
Jesse Hicks
mental health

Having ADHD Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Partner

Tips on how to date someone with ADHD, from someone with ADHD.
Terena Bell
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People With ADHD Can Actually Focus So Hard it's Scary

People with hyperfocus tend to block out everything else going on around them.
Terena Bell
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You Can't Cure Depression By Working Out

Those heartwarming essays about how running is Prozac need a serious reality check.
Kastalia Medrano
Rise Up

A 9/11 Witness Raises Awareness of Mental Health Misdiagnoses

What growing up with PTSD after living through the events of 9/11 firsthand taught one person about mental health stigmas.
Helaina Hovitz
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Binge Eating Often Goes Hand in Hand With ADD

And one drug can actually treat both.
Vivien Fellegi
It's Science

Just Being Near Your Phone Makes You Dumber

If it's within reach, it's draining your brainpower.
Jesse Hicks