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The U.S. is ramping up its secret air war in Somalia

At least 230 people have been killed in air strikes since the beginning of 2019, and an untold number of civilians.
Nick Miriello
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Exclusive: The U.S. has more military operations in Africa than the Middle East

“We are extremely lucky that there have not been more situations like Niger.”
Nick Turse

U.S. military presence in Africa grew again, but "we're not at war," top U.S. commander says

Gen. Waldhauser said the majority of these U.S. personnel were concentrated in two areas: in the East Africa region — namely in Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia — and in the west of the continent.
Alexa Liautaud

The U.S. is waging a massive shadow war in Africa, exclusive documents reveal

Nick Turse
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China Is Angling for a Strategic Outpost on the Horn of Africa

China has been steadily extending its global presence. Now it's looking to establish an outpost in Djibouti, where the US headquarters its military forces in Africa.
Torie Rose DeGhett
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How the US Periodically Reveals the Locations of Special Operations Missions

Armed with nothing more than a mobile device and an internet connection, bad guys can potentially track, predict, and avoid US airstrikes and reconnaissance missions.
David Cenciotti

Italy Is Getting Fed Up with American Soldiers

The impact of the US military bases on the Italian city of Vicenza is not just financial or environmental — it’s also social.
Leonardo Bianchi