animal art


These Paintings of Humans With Dog Heads Deserve a Round of Appaws

German artist Anja Wülfing paints realistic dog heads on old portraits of people.


Cows Are Our New Favorite Abstract Art Subject

Sam Raines paints colorful, moo-ving portraits of the dairy cattle near his Vermont studio.


Rainbow Animals Roar Across Geometric Street Art Murals

Arlin Graff's polar bears and oversized hummingbirds take over urban centers.


The Surreal Scenes in These Paintings are Darker Than They Seem

Giant dogs and tigers in the street reveal the artist’s concerns with the human condition.


The Internet Is Bugging Out Over a Drawing Beetle

Now you can buy Spike the Beetle's work on eBay.


A Golden Retriever Art Critic Sniffs Out Masterpieces

An artistically-inclined pup named Ella Fitzgerald weighs in on her owner's paintings.


Do Animals Appreciate Art?

Studies have shown that birds can distinguish Monet from Picasso, but can animals actually appreciate art?


Michael Jackson's Famous Chimp, Bubbles, Is Selling Paintings to Get By

All the proceeds from 'Apes That Paint' will benefit Bubbles' current home, the Center for Great Apes.


Human and Animal Innards Expose Themselves in These Surgical Sculptures

Biological sculptor Olivier de Sagazan explores the borderlands between life and death in his bisected works.


Inter-Species Mailboxes Make a Different Kind of Human-Animal Connection

What do birds have to say about climate change?


Nature-Loving Artist Translates Wild Encounters onto Canvas

Wyoming artist Matt Flint spreads a message of conservation through dreamy animal portraits.


This Animal Art Museum Is Like an Art History Zoo

Visiting Yellowstone? Swing by the National Museum of Wildlife Art in nearby Jackson Hole, WY.