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The VICE Morning Bulletin

US officials suspect Vladimir Putin was directly involved in election meddling, 1 billion Yahoo accounts compromised by hack, Elon Musk joins Trump's corporate advisory team, and more.


Was Ashley Madison Cheating Its Own Customers?

On an all new episode of 'CYBERWAR', we investigate the hack of July 2015 to find out what motivated the hacking group.


Ashley Madison Must End ‘Misleading’ Practices or Go to Court, Watchdog Says

It's another black eye for the beleaguered company.


New Ashley Madison CEO Says They'll Focus More on Real Women, Less on Robots

Ashley Madison is back after last year’s devastating data leak. The incoming CEO tells Broadly they’re not as bad as everyone thinks.


Ashley Madison's New Ads Target Key Demographic of People Who Hate Their Lives

Marriage is dark and full of existential terrors, according to a business that wants to facilitate affairs.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

The fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling sparks protests in Louisiana, a new Iraq war report criticizes Tony Blair's role, Snoop Dogg will headline the Democratic National Convention concert, and more.


The FTC is investigating Ashley Madison over 'fembots'

The probe follows a turbulent year for the infidelity website after hackers, in August 2015, leaked information about millions of users. Class action lawsuits in Canada and the US have since been launched.


As Hackers Continue to Target Porn Sites, Pornhub Launches Bug Bounty Program

Maybe it's time for porn sites to take security much more seriously.


Soon You Can Cheat on Your Spouse on a Secret 'Sex Island'

The island's off the coast of England, but if you're actually so committed to sleeping around that you're jumping through all these hoops, then you probably won't mind the weather.


The Rise of ‘Have I Been Pwned?’, an Invaluable Resource in the Hacking Age

From Ashley Madison to everyday breaches, Troy Hunt's site tries to keep victims in the loop.


The Worst Hacks of 2015

This year proved that nothing, and no one, is really safe from hackers.


The Rise of Political Doxing

We're going to see more politically-motivated doxing in the future, against both people and institutions.