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What One Man Learned When He Treated His Autism Symptoms With Shrooms

"That trip was like an '80s movie starring me. I saw what my life could be like, without computers and all that rubbish. It gave me the most hope I've ever known."
Jesse Noakes

As an Autistic Woman, My Biggest Barrier to Care Is Sexism

This has led to diagnostic problems, mental health issues, and cultural stigma for many autistic women like me.
Laura James
Legalize It Already

The Compelling Case for Treating Autism with Marijuana

These Israeli moms are fighting for the only treatment that's worked for their children.
Caitlin Murphy

Why One Software Company Is Going Out of Its Way to Hire People With Autism

One recent hire tells Motherboard he now feels like a "productive member of society."
Curtis Silver

LARPing Saved My Life

In this episode of "Profiles by VICE" we meet Jon Gallagher, a LARPer with Asperger's syndrome who says live action role-playing has helped him make friends, learn social skills, and get a job.
VICE Staff
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Are Autism Rates Actually on the Rise, or Do We Just Define 'Autism' Differently Than We Used To?

A new study suggests that it's actually the way we diagnose autism that has led to an apparent increase in the number of autistic children.
VICE Staff

The Parents Who Give Their Children Bleach Enemas to 'Cure' Them of Autism

A substance called Miracle Mineral Solution has developed a cult following among a subset of the anti-vaxxer community, where it is believed to be a cure for everything from diabetes to AIDS.
Stefan Sirucek

This Woman Wants to Teach You How to Avoid Getting Shot by the Police

Why are American police officers shooting so many of their suspects? I asked Emily Iland, an advocate for safer police interactions, how we can all learn to better avoid a "stray bullet" from the cops.
Dave Schilling