Big data


Credit Scores Could Soon Get Even Creepier and More Biased

Credit scores based on AI and non-traditional data such as your social media profile could usher in a whole new way for banks to discriminate.
Rose Eveleth
Sea Crime

Satellites Are Zeroing in on Poachers and Traffickers in the ‘Outlaw Ocean’

Some vessels use ocean rendezvous to exchange contraband, and even captive crew. But big data tools are finding new ways to track these activities from outer space.
Becky Ferreira

Everything You Need to Know About Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony to Congress

Facebook’s CEO and founder testified in front of House and Senate committees on data security and how the social media site is trying to improve.
Kaleigh Rogers
Big data

Here’s a Long List of Data Broker Sites and How to Opt-Out of Them

How to get off of people search sites like Pipl, Spokeo, and WhitePages.
Yael Grauer
Cambridge Analytica

It's Too Late

After the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is taking steps to secure data given to third-party applications. But it's already been stolen and laundered.
Jason Koebler

The Targets of Mobile Apps: Your Health, Your Ancestors, and Your Baby

Researchers at Yale Privacy Lab analyzed the existence of a hidden economy of trackers packaged into many of the most popular apps in Google Play.
Michael Kwet
Sean O’Brien

The Marine Biologist Using Big Data to Protect Ocean Wildlife

Douglas McCauley works with tools like Global Fishing Watch to engage the public in the future of the oceans.
Becky Ferreira
data visualization

Here’s a Map of How Americans Misspell Porn Searches, by State

Lesbiam, thresome, and porm: PornHub wins with the best response to covfefe yet.
Beckett Mufson
Dystopia Now

Dubai Wants to Use Data to Become the 'Happiest City on Earth'

Dr. Aisha Butti Bin Bishr, director of Smart Dubai, tells us about the city's efforts to harvest customer data to improve government services. But who defines what happiness is?
Grennan Milliken
digital divide

Digital Surveillance Is Class Warfare

The poor are victimized by devices and the companies who profit from them.
Jordan Pearson
Big health

Google’s Handling of Public Health Data Should Serve as a Cautionary Tale, Report Says

Academic paper assesses DeepMind’s ‘inexcusable’ approach to British patients’ data privacy.
Ben Sullivan

Google's Algorithms Are Already Outperforming Pathologists

But the tech still has a few drawbacks.
Jesse Hicks