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Donald Trump thinks a nationwide stop and frisk program would be 'incredible'

The Republican nominee made his suggestion while speaking at a town hall in Cleveland at a predominantly African-American church in Cleveland.
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Residents of New York's 'Murder Ave' Explain How the City Got Safer

"Jay-Z fucked up the 'hood, I always said that—write that shit down. They didn't clean this shit up for us."
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Meet the Next Boss of America's Largest Police Force

James "Jimmy" O'Neill is a low-key career cop known for trying to bridge the gap between police and regular people.
Allie Conti

Bill Bratton Is Leaving an NYPD Under Fire

The NYPD boss is diving back into the private sector as his department faces a federal corruption probe and new demands from Black Lives Matter.
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NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is stepping down

His exit comes after demonstrations on Monday by a group associated with Black Lives Matter called Organized By Millions March NYC
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The Most Powerful Cop in America Is Resigning

Bill Bratton, the biggest name in American policing who's known for controversial "Broken Windows" tactics, is heading back to the private sector.
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NYPD Cops Who Arrested Black Mailman Have History of Alleged Civil Rights Violations

Three of the four officers involved in the arrest have been named as defendants in federal civil rights suits alleging false arrest and other forms of misconduct.
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Cruz Tries Wooing New Yorkers While Feuding With the City's Mayor and NYPD Commissioner

After Mayor Bill de Blasio and Commissioner Bill Bratton blasted his call for Muslim neighborhoods to be "secured," Ted Cruz criticized the mayor for ending the NYPD's controversial monitoring of Muslim communities.
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The NYPD Hopes 'Operation Cutting Edge' Will Stop a Surge of Knife Attacks

New York cops will confiscate edged weapons and ramp up their presence at apparent slashing hotspots after a sharp increase in knife-related crime in the city.
Tess Owen

The NYPD Wants to Slash Knife Attack Numbers with Operation 'Cutting Edge'

Here's how New York cops are responding to a spike in blade violence (besides with a shitty pun).
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A New Poll Says NYPD Cops Really Hate Their Jobs

Over three quarters of New York police officers wouldn't recommend their family members try the gig, according to a survey by the politically powerful police union.
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Men of Color on What It's Like Getting Busted for Weed in Today's New York City

The NYPD has softened penalties for possessing pot, but law enforcement still hits some people harder than everyone else.
John Surico