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Border Patrol Agent Who Called Migrants “Savages” Pleads Guilty After Hitting Guatemalan with Truck

The agent admitted to intentionally hitting a Guatemalan migrant with a truck.
Kelly Vinett

Florida Doesn’t Have Any Sanctuary Cities. The Governor Just Banned Them Anyway.

The bill also requires law enforcement to honor federal immigration detainer requests.
Gaby Del Valle
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The U.S. Army Is Painting Trump’s Border Wall. We Went to Find Out What Color.

President Trump promised a big, beautiful wall. American troops are spending their summer painting it.
Michael Kalenderian
Ani Ucar
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Steve Bannon Is Being Forced to Leave a Door Open on His Crowdfunded Border Wall

"They think they can build now and ask questions later, and that's not how it works."
Alex Lubben

Watch Trump Laugh Off Someone’s Joke About Shooting Migrants at the Border

He musing on how to stop “these people.”
Rex Santus
The Wall

Trump assures kids at the White House Easter Egg Roll that the wall is happening

Anyone who'll listen
Emma Ockerman

This Food Artist Is Building a Border Wall out of Spoiled Cotija Cheese

Cosimo Cavallaro believes that “dairy and milk symbolize life, and walls symbolize fear and borders.”
Bettina Makalintal
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Trump’s week just got even better: $1 billion for wall construction

Donald Trump Jr. reacted to the announcement by claiming that “Christmas came early.”
Paul Vale
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Trump's 2020 budget is setting up yet another fight over his border wall

The president wants billions more in border wall funding than the $5.7 billion denied by Congress in December.
Alex Lubben

DHS Secretary Nielsen says what Border Patrol puts kids in aren't really "cages"

At least not ones with a top, a bottom, and walls.
Emma Ockerman
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GOP senators may support Trump's emergency declaration — even though they hate it

“I think many of my colleagues know they’re being inconsistent, but they feel that politically they’re in a bind.”
Matt Laslo
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House votes to block Trump's national emergency declaration

To Dems and some Republicans, Trump’s action represents an unconstitutional power grab.
Emma Ockerman