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The ‘Halo Drive’ Would Shoot Lasers at Black Holes to Explore the Milky Way

“If we can’t build something capable of delivering astronomical levels of energy, perhaps we could instead steal the energy from an astronomical object.”
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Want to Send Holographic Messages to Nearby Stars on Light Sails

The unique properties of holograms could be used to stabilize spacecraft and carry huge amounts of data to the universe.
Becky Ferreira

A German Team Is Now Trying to Make the ‘Impossible’ EmDrive Engine

German physicists launched the SpaceDrive project to explore possible sources of error in EmDrive experiments. Their first experiment identified a possible source of false positives in past successful EmDrive tests.
Daniel Oberhaus

Proxima B May Not Be Such a Great Second Home For Humanity After All

Unless you like radiation blasts to the face.
Becky Ferreira
Dear Future

We Should Upload Human Minds on Stephen Hawking's Interstellar Mission

This is how humans might finally reach another star system.
Giulio Prisco

To Get to An Alien Star, Scientists Launched the Tiniest Spacecraft Ever

Breakthrough Starshot wants to go to Alpha Centauri.
Jacob Dubé
Ad astra per aspera

NASA's Newest Interstellar Concepts Rely on Huge Laser Arrays and Gravity Surfing

Interstellar travel is evolving into a legitimate engineering challenge, rather than an idealistic pipe dream.
Becky Ferreira

Massive Telescope Will Be Upgraded to Study the Nearest Exoplanets to Earth

Proxima b is the closest known exoplanet to our solar system. Now the Very Large Telescope will look for its neighbors.
Becky Ferreira
Opinion and Analysis

Stephen Hawking's Plan to Blast a Tiny Ship to Another Star With Giant Lasers May Work

Breakthrough Starshot is a new project, introduced by Stephen Hawking, to send a spacecraft to another star. It wouldn't happen for decades — if it happens at all — but it's the first-ever proposal for interstellar travel that might actually work.
Ryan Faith