Google Stadia Is On A Collision Course With Broadband Caps, Study Shows

Many gamers don’t even know they have a broadband cap. That’s about to change.


AT&T and Verizon Don't Want You To Know Where 5G Really Is

Big Telecom is resisting efforts by the government to require it to include 5G availability in broadband maps.


Elizabeth Warren Promises to Kill State Laws That Ban Locally-Owned ISPs

26 states have passed protectionist laws preventing your town or city from building its own broadband network.


Google Stadia Will Reveal How Stupid Internet Data Caps Are

Streaming products like Stadia, Microsoft's xCloud, and Bethesda's Orion are incompatible with America's ISPs.


SpaceX and Amazon Hope to Deliver Cheap Broadband With Low-Orbit Satellites

A new study shows how more broadband options should bring lower prices, assuming the promises pan out.


Critics Say the FCC’s Big New Rural Broadband Plan Doesn’t Offer Much That’s New

Industry watchers say the FCC’s new broadband plan is woefully light on details, and isn’t likely to drive the better, more open networks the US needs.


5G May Never Live up to the Hype

5G will provide faster speeds to urban users, but cost and widespread availability could remain stumbling blocks for many years to come.


No One Trusts Big Telecom to Build a Better Broadband Access Map

After years of opposing measures that would make broadband availability maps better, a telecom trade group says it is "leading the charge" on creating a better map.


Microsoft Says the FCC 'Overstates' Broadband Availability in the US

You can’t fix a problem you don’t understand, and America has no idea just how bad its broadband coverage gaps are.


FCC Says Gutting ISP Oversight Was Great For Broadband

Ajit Pai's FCC insists that ignoring consumers and gutting oversight of major ISPs dramatically boosted network investment. Reality suggests something else entirely.


New Bill Would Stop Internet Service Providers From Screwing You With Hidden Fees

Cable giants routinely advertise one rate then charge you another thanks to hidden fees a well-lobbied government refuses to do anything about.


Broadband 'Zero Rating' Actually Costs Customers More, Study Finds

ISPs shouldn’t be allowed to pick and choose winners on the internet, study suggests.