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The Art of an Ultra-Violent Wrestling 'Deathmatch'

To New York wrestler Casanova Valentine, slamming his opponents onto tables lined with barbed wire and tackling them to the ground isn’t just fun—it’s performance art.
VICE Staff
2 days ago

What Brooklyn Really Looked Like in the 70s and 80s

"Rents were so low, you could work and make a decent living without a college degree."
Seth Ferranti
Afropunk Festival

Inside the Messy Saga That Led to the Resignation of Afropunk's Editor-in-Chief

With mo' money came mo' problems. Now everyone's got something to say.
Taylor Hosking
Tunnel Vision

Rent in Brooklyn Is Finally Kind of Sort of Going Down a Little Thanks to the L Train Shutdown

Nancy Wu, an economic data analyst at StreetEasy, tells us exactly how hard north Brooklyn will be hit by the shutdown.
John Surico
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This New York Politician Says Making Racist 911 Calls Should Be a Hate Crime

Jesse Hamilton announced a new bill after a woman called the cops on him for campaigning in his own neighborhood.
Nicole Clark
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Man Finds a Way to Make Riding NYC's Failing Subway Even Scarier

A straphanger caught video of the guy hanging off a train car while it whipped through an underground tunnel.
Drew Schwartz

Which New York City Borough Would Win an All-Out Civil War?

I canvassed dozens of experts, journalists, and regular New Yorkers to find out the answer. Here's what they said.
John Surico
Black Women Making History

Aja Monet Is Not OK with Your Apathy

The Brooklyn native has been melding politics and poetry since long before Trump's white supremacist-fueled rise.
Maya Holder
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That Time Aja Did One Last Drag Show at Her Favorite Dive Bar

The former 'RuPaul's Drag Race' contestant relives her final performance at Brooklyn's iconic This n' That bar—complete with fur costumes, tears, and copious amounts of alcohol.
VICE Staff
Black History Month

The Incredible, 180-Year History of Brooklyn's First Black Enclave

How I ended up in Weeksville, a legendary hub of economic and intellectual freedom for black people.
Messiah Rhodes
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Frank Pinello of 'The Pizza Show' Travels the World to Find the Best Pie

The host and owner of Brooklyn's Best Pizza talks about searching the globe for the perfect combo of dough, sauce, and cheese.
VICE Staff
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Someone in Brooklyn Is Just Giving Away 'Lightly Used' Cigarettes on Craigslist

American Spirits, obviously.
Alex Norcia