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The White House Correspondents' Dinner Is Toothless and Deserves to Die

The chummy, joke-filled gathering of DC elites seems to finally be on its way out.
Harry Cheadle
20 hours ago

Pete Davidson's SNL Apology Was a Mess

After making peace with Crenshaw, Weekend Update devolved into a bizarre plea for bipartisanship.
Kara Weisenstein

Trans Comic Chanty Marostic's First Album Is Topping the iTunes Charts

The Just For Laughs headliner and SiriusXM top comic winner talks about becoming the first trans person to earn those titles.
Audrey Carleton
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Protesters Showed Up to Louis C.K.'s Latest Set at the Comedy Cellar

They held up signs at the entrance to the venue and asked people to walk out.
Drew Schwartz

An Exhaustive Ranking of Every Freddy Krueger Zinger Ever

From the problematic jokes to the perfect quips.
Justin Caffier

Adam Sandler’s '100% Fresh' Proves That He Can Be Funny in Any Generation

On his new Netflix special, Sandler does something comedians his age struggle with: He caters to the short attention span of the internet age.
Dan Ozzi
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Pete Davidson Says He's Looking for a New Roommate After Ariana Grande Split

The 'SNL' comedian spoke for the first time about his breakup with the pop star—and basically placed a classified ad for a new apartment.
Beckett Mufson

John Waters Has Some Crude Advice for Aspiring Artists

"I always wanted to sell out! It’s just nobody wanted to buy me."
Nadja Sayej

Hannibal Buress on Quitting Drinking to End the ‘Messy Shit’

Why the comedian is trying to do things differently.
Sarah Hagi

Drew Michael on Making the 'Most Polarizing' Stand-Up Special of the Year

Michael, a former 'SNL' writer, recorded a special without an audience or much consideration for the conventions of stand-up.
Nick Rose
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Some Major Comedians Showed Up to Support Aziz Ansari's Comedy Cellar Set

He performed alongside Kevin Hart and Chris Rock at the same venue where Louis C.K. had his first show since admitting to sexual misconduct.
Drew Schwartz

The Year's Best Memoir Is About a Man Who Shot a Porno in a Baskin-Robbins

And was found at a garage sale. And was printed as is. Or so the comedy writer Mike Sacks would like you to believe.
Alex Norcia