Taking Advantage of Family Connections Is a Bipartisan American Tradition

Political scions in both parties have long abused their power.


Ambassador Sondland Just Threw Rudy Giuliani Under the Ukraine Bus

“Giuliani specifically mentioned the 2016 election (including the DNC server) and Burisma as two anti-corruption investigatory topics of importance for the president.”


Trump Admits He Talked to Ukraine About Joe Biden

He reportedly pressed the Ukrainian president up to 8 times to work with Rudy Giuiliani to investigate Biden and his son.


Your Tax Dollars Are Paying for the Air Force to Hang Out at Trump Golf Resorts

Air Force pilots are staying at Trump's Turnberry resort in Scotland for discounted rooms and free rounds of golf.


The 25-Year-Old Accused of Murdering His Mother and Grandfather Is On Trial—for Boat Insurance

Nathan Carman finally reached the witness stand, but it wasn't for murder.


Exclusive: Emails Show This Anti-Tobacco Crusader’s Close Relationship with JUUL

Tom Miller is Iowa's attorney general. He's also an adviser to JUUL, even as the company faces controversy and lawsuits.


Trump is "Strongly Considering" Pardoning a Corrupt Governor — Who Just Happens to Be a Former "Apprentice" Star

Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois, is serving a 14-year sentence for trying to sell a Senate seat.


Legendary Job Killer Steve Mnuchin Complains About Amazon Killing Jobs

The Treasury Secretary is being sued as part of a lawsuit alleging Sears was illegally stripped of assets by the people who ran it.


Puerto Rico’s Governor Is Now Doing Some Soul-Searching After Reports He’d Resign Today

His resignation would come after almost two weeks of protests on the island, some of which turned violent


Puerto Rico’s Governor Is Pissing Off the Island Even More

Protesters clashed with police, who used tear gas to disperse a crowd that threw bottles and rocks.


Puerto Ricans Just Shut Down a Major Highway Because They're Not Kidding About #RickyRenuncia

The protesters stormed Puerto Rico Highway 18, also known as Expreso Las Américas, Monday morning as vehicles were still on the road.


Puerto Ricans Were Already in the Streets When Yet Another Corruption Scandal Broke

The very network of influence behind leaked homophobic and misogynistic chats was responsible for pilfering public funds.