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Barr Says Police Need Encryption Backdoors, Doesn’t Mention Hacking Tools They Use All the Time

Barr reignited demands for tech companies to find a technical solution to the ‘Going Dark’ issue, but neglected to mention in his keynote speech that law enforcement agencies use hacking techniques to bypass encryption.


Encrypted Messaging App Signal Says It Won’t Comply With Australia’s New Backdoor Bill

Signal joins Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants who have already condemned and protested the bill.


FBI Barely Tried to Hack San Bernardino iPhone Before Going to Court With Apple

A new report by the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General found that the FBI could have done more before going to court and arguing it needed Apple's help to unlock an alleged terrorist's phone.


Israeli Government Asked European Security Companies for Zero-Days in Unsolicited Emails

Israel cast a wide net in Europe too, looking to purchase zero-days for its law enforcement and intelligence agencies.


Here’s the Letter Israel Sent to Solicit Zero-Days From American Hackers

In a peek into the way governments may source hacking tools, Motherboard obtained a 2015 letter the Israeli Ministry of Defense sent to US-based exploit developers.


How a Tiny Startup Became the Most Important Hacking Shop You’ve Never Heard Of

Inside the secretive industry that helps government hackers get around encryption.


The UK Has a Dirty Secret for Spying on Encrypted Messages: Hacking

Members of the media and some politicians are near-constantly talking about accessing terrorist communications, but are ignoring one of the most viable solutions.


The FBI Director Thinks a Law Against Encryption Is Possible Under Trump

The director of the FBI James Comey once again leaves the door open for a law that forces tech companies to put backdoors into their products.


Trump’s CIA Director Pick Thinks Using Encryption ‘May Itself Be A Red Flag’

He also has almost no experience in the world of intelligence.


Signal Downloads Spiked After Election Results

It’s privacy’s nightmare scenario, and rattled Americans are taking refuge in the popular encrypted messaging app.


Feds Can Unlock Most Devices They Need To Get Into, FBI Admits

Encryption and passwords don’t seem to be a huge problem for the FBI after all.


We’re Winning The Crypto Wars

While the FBI and some governments are still fighting the Crypto Wars in courts and with laws, the spread of encryption appears unstoppable.