Kik Had a Huge Child Predator Problem. Now It's Shutting Down.

But the anonymous messaging app that's popular with kids isn’t shuttering over any past allegations of abuse.


North Korea Is Building Its Own Bitcoin

The currency will be “more like bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies,” said the official in charge of North Korea’s cryptocurrency conferences.


France Took One Look at Facebook's Cryptocurrency and Said, 'Hell, Non'

France has blocked Libra over concerns it could destabilize the French economy by privatizing money and undermining the euro.


Someone Just Moved a Billion Dollars in Bitcoin and No One Knows Why

This is one of the largest bitcoin transactions ever.


Billionaire LinkedIn Founder Thinks Bitcoin Rap Battle Will Heal Divided Nation

Reid Hoffman made a dumb music video about Bitcoin and got his rich friends to tweet about it to "explore some of the most polarizing issues that characterize our own era."


Cops Hijack Botnet, Remotely Wipe Malware From 850,000 Computers

Police in France took down a large cryptocurrency-mining malware operation with the help of a cybersecurity firm.


This Guy Mined Bitcoin With a Computer That Helped NASA Land on the Moon

An Apollo Guidance Computer would need a billion times the age of the universe to mine a single block.


This DIY Punching Bag Rewards You with Cryptocurrency for Whacking It

Now you can literally sweat over your investment—if you don't work out, you lose your cryptocurrency.


Microsoft Outlook Email Breach Targeted Cryptocurrency Users

Earlier this month, Motherboard revealed that contents of Microsoft's email services were compromised. Multiple victims now say that hackers stole their cryptocurrency.


For Some Legal Weed Businesses, Cryptocurrency Actually Makes Sense

Despite being recreationally legal in 10 states, cannabis businesses have to come up with creative ways to accept payment other than cash.


Cryptocurrency Mining Up for Elimination In China for Being Wasteful and 'Backward'

China's economic planning agency is considering eliminating cryptocurrency mining along with numerous other products and processes. Comment period is open until May 7.


Cryptocurrency That Claimed to Be Backed by Cash No Longer Solely Backed by Cash

Tether said its USDT token was 'backed 1-to-1 by traditional currency' but now adds cash equivalents, receivables from loans, and other assets to its reserves.